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MedAlerts COVID19 Vaccine VAERS Reports as of 2/18/2022 Release

24,402 Deaths where Vaccine is COVID19 1,134,984 Adverse Events where Vaccine is COVID19 A Powerful VAERS Database HHS Guide to Interpreting VAERS Data“Underreporting” is one of the

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Is science dead? By Steve Kirsch

By Steve Kirsch Twenty four years ago (in 1998), I donated $2.5M to MIT. They named the auditorium in the EECS building named in my honor: the Kirsch Auditorium, Room

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The ‘Long Covid’ Fraud

The UK Government says that there are now officially 1.3 million people in Britain suffering from long covid – and that the figure is rising fast. By Dr Vernon Coleman

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Cell phones can be used as sonic weapons

 Symptoms included dizziness, sleeplessness, headache, and hearing loss; many of the afflicted were in their homes or in hotel rooms when they heard intense, high-⁠pitched sounds shortly before falling ill…

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