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Top 10 Stories of April 23, 2022

Zelensky Says He’ll Meet the U.S. Secretary of State and Pentagon Chief in Kyiv Tomorrow — They will be the highest-ranking U.S. officials to visit Ukraine since the start of

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Patriots continue to destroy NASA

16.4 Mile Laser Test Proves The Flat Earth – Okanagan Lake – Canada “A curvature test was conducted using laser, across the Okanagan Lake in the Valley of British Columbia,

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The Light Bulb Conspiracy (Documentary)

Planned obsolescence is when various strategies are used to make a product seem undesirable, useless, & unwanted. Obsolescence comes from the word obsolete. When something is obsolete, it is no

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Mask Mania: Interview with Ian Miller

Ian Miller is the author of Unmasked: The Global Failure of Mask Mandates. With the topic very much in the news, due to the Florida court decision rejecting the transportation mask mandate, Ian

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