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Press Release: World Council for Health to Host Better Way Conference in Bath, UK

Join world-class speakers for seven game-changing conversations around health freedom this May

The Better Way Conference is a three-day event taking place in Bath, UK May 20-22, 2022 that focuses on solutions for a healthy new paradigm. In seven conversations, leaders from around the world will gather to forge a new, shared vision for integrative and empowered health. Master of Ceremonies, Del Bigtree, will guide and engage attendees throughout the three-day event.

Conference attendees will hear from Robert F Kennedy Jr., Dr Robert Malone, Dr Tess Lawrie, Maajid Nawaz, Dr Ryan Cole, Dr Alexandra Henrion Caude, Dr Pierre Kory, Dr Jackie Stone, Bret Weinstein, Neil Oliver and many more for three exciting days of learning, exploring, creating, and collaborating.

Hosted by the World Council for Health, the conference will be held in person in beautiful Bath, United Kingdom and will be broadcast online to virtual ticket holders. Bath has a longstanding reputation as a place of healing and inspiration; those joining the Better Way Conference in Bath will leave feeling not only inspired and motivated but rejuvenated as well. Everyone is welcome and physical and virtual tickets are available now at

During each 3-hour-long conversation, a panel of experts and professionals from around the world will focus on a different theme, including:

  1. Reclaiming Science Together
  2. Managing Covid-19 Health Consequences
  3. Fostering Active Communities
  4. Reclaiming and Revolutionizing Media
  5. Law, Justice & Human Rights
  6. Health, Environment & Sovereignty
  7. Innovate, Integrate & Meditate

Each of the seven scheduled conversations is geared toward exploring solutions and creating a better way forward for individuals and communities around the world. Attendees can expect to be challenged, inspired, and uplifted while traveling the path toward a healthy new paradigm rooted in freedom, empowerment, education, and integrity.

Full Line Up: Robert F Kennedy Jr, Maajid Nawaz, Dr Alexandra Henrion-Caude, Dr Robert Malone, Dr Tess Lawrie, Neil Oliver, Dr Peter McCullough, Dr Ryan Cole, Del Bigtree, Reiner Fuellmich, Bret Weinstein, Dr John Campbell, Dr Rob Verkerk, Lee Wai Ching, Dr Gilberta St Rose, Dan Astin-Gregory, Dr Jackie Stone, Dr Pierre Kory, Dr Flavio Cadegiani, Dr Astrid Stuckelberger, Dr Jessica Rose, Dr Paul Alexander, Kim Witczak, Dr Xavier Azelbert, Dr Stephan Becker, Dr Richard Urso, Avital Livny, Prof Dolores Cahill, Bongani Luthuli, Philip Hyland, Dr Christian Buckland, Sabelo Sibanda, Lois Bayliss, Dr Peter Chan, Pearl Kupe, Dipali Ohja, Mary Beth Pfeiffer, Feisal Mansoor, Mark Sharman, Omar Khan, Laura Anderson, Megha Verma, Fahrie Hassan, Yohan Tengra, Darren Deojee, Val Fraser, Dr James Todaro, Dr Marc Cohen, David Charalambous, Joy Warren, Catharina Roland, Menzi Maseko, Janine Gallizia, Nickita Starck, Karen Churchill, Kim Knight, Dr Heather Gessling, Phil Harper, Dr Kat Lindley, Shabnam P Mohamed, Dr Maria Hubmer-Mogg, Dr Jennifer Hibberd, and Christof Plothe

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