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Videos and Interviews


Scientists or Rating-Critics

Translated and edited by Northern Tracey and John Blaid.Original article found at: 90th session[1] was eagerly awaited by numerous loyal spectators and fans

Gain of Function Garbage

“The internet is once again giddy with “Gain of Function” fever following the recent publication of DARPA related documents by Project Veritas. Is this

The Fallacious Germ Theory

Published April 24, 2013 The Germ Theory is the belief that germs are the primal cause of disease.  Nutrition and exercise play a small

The History of Germ Theory

Pasteur Versus Béchamp: The History of Germ Theory This is may be one of the most important articles and views of history you will

“It’s just a theory”

By Mark Crislip MD, Published on November 7, 2008 I am afraid that the experiments you quote, M. Pasteur, will turn against you. The

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