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Good-Bye Germ Theory by Dr. William P. Trebing Foreward by Dr. Tedd Koren

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“Every new parent should read this book before they allow
their child to be vaccinated. Dr. William Trebing makes a very
strong case against mandatory vaccination. He guides the reader
through the vaccination maze, exposes the real cause of most disease,
and empowers parents with the knowledge they need to preserve
the health of their children.”
—Michael Mendribil, N.D. Greenwich, Connecticut

“Good-Bye Germ Theory” is an easy to read classroom style
text especially for parents, and all those who love children. Besides
giving pertinent facts about an ever growing and oppressive medical
system, Dr. Trebing provides real legal answers for people who feel
overwhelmed with the complexities of the legal system. The form
letters provided in his book can no doubt help parents and students
fight back against unwanted medical treatments.”
—Pauline Adams, MD New York City, NY

“In this text, Good-bye Germ Theory, Dr. William P. Trebing
looks beneath the veneer and investigates areas of human endeavor
that have become stagnant, dogmatic and suppressive of dissent,
such as medicine and law. Dr. Trebing asks us to look at the
unconscious ways we have been thinking and acting, and to engage
in a healthy questioning and reevaluation of the accepted premises
upon which these areas of our lives are based.”
—Tedd Koren, DC Gwyndth Valley, PA

“I was getting violently sick from the flu shots my employer made
me get every year at the hospital I give massages at. I used some of the
forms in this book and they backed off immediately. I have not had a
flu shot in 2 years and I have been far healthier and happier.”
—Dawn Ruben, massage therapist Los Angeles
“I went through hell with the school districts and the DCF here
in Baltimore. They were trying to get my kids vaccinated regardless
of my beliefs, and threatened to put them in foster homes. I went to
work with the help of this book and God’s grace. I attacked them
back for 2 months with these forms, and I could not believe how the
tide changed! They became apologetic, started blaming each other,
and in the end after several negotiations all my kids are in the public
schools here in Baltimore without shots! Part of the agreement was
that I be quiet and never tell anyone, and I thought this was what I
needed to do since I had been through so much. But I am now
thinking of writing my own book about the experience! Dr. Trebing,
bless you for saving my family from these demons.”
—L. Jefferson, Baltimore MD (mother of 6)

“I have two daughters, one has chronic asthma and allergies
and the other became autistic a few weeks after vaccines were given.
The doctors office denied any correlation to the shots, but I knew
they were lying. I began feeding them better and organic foods,
got them totally off dairy, and of course stopped giving them shots
after my first reading of Good-Bye Germ Theory. I think I was one
of the first people to buy the first edition. My first daughter now
has no asthma, and my second is coming out of her autism with
therapeutic listening therapy. I home school now to avoid
persecution and to protect my children.”
—Lois Reed, NYC (mother of 3)

“After you read this book you will never be the same. Through
scientific research translated with passion into laypersons language
you will have enough information to not only question authority,
but do something about it. Wait until you read these facts! You
will be astonished at where we are letting our leaders take us and
our children. This book will teach you about your rights, be afraid
no more, you can stand up for yourself and your family.”
—Julia A. Trebing, Psy.D Stamford, Connecticut

“I absolutely LOVE this book! Finally, someone is just telling
it like it is. You get to the truth quickly on every page without
having to read through a ton of B.S. first. Dr. Trebing, I salute you
and your brave efforts. Your book is all about helping children,
families and the planet.”
—Dr. Robert Egy, Naturopathic Physician, Boulder CO.
“This book has given me all the intelligent ammunition I have
needed to keep my kids safe from the medical Gestapo. We are no
longer afraid!
—R. Montrose, Boston MA (father of 2)

“I did not believe a word of this until I heard Dr. Trebing
speak in our small church in Houston. Now I am on a crusade
and my entire family, including all my nieces and nephews, are
clean of medical vermin. Over the two years we have switched
to no shots, cleaner diets and no medicines they have never
been healthier. My son’s 10 year trauma with asthma is gone!
You really need to read and incorporate this book into your
—Tamara Williams, Houston Texas (mother or 4)

“While I have investigated many alternative modalities and
concepts with a high degree of skepticism, I found Dr. Trebings’
book to be well founded in fact and scientific evidence on the
impact that vaccination can have on your health. Good-Bye germ
theory is a radically different paradigm that represents common
sense which today, unfortunately, is not prevalent in our culture,
school systems or government. This book is an easy read that anyone
can use to gain knowledge about making responsible health choices
for themselves or their family, coupled with the ammunition to
assert your rights in making these choices. I highly recommend
this book to all my patients!”
—Ken Barrett, DC Sacramento California

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