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THE LIE – Documentary 2019

Feat. The Best Nasa Fails…. Bill Nye admit outer Space pics from nasa are 😂PHOTOSHOPED!!!


Globe vs Flat Earth Court Case I’m pleased to announce that on this Shavuot/Pentecost, the 9th of Sivan, that the judge presiding over a civil

Patriots continue to destroy NASA

16.4 Mile Laser Test Proves The Flat Earth – Okanagan Lake – Canada “A curvature test was conducted using laser, across the Okanagan Lake in

Einstein’s Idiots

-1 What’s the point? -2 A line is NOT the shortest distance b/w 2 points! -3 Debunking length contraction -4 Debunking spacetime -5 Do leprechauns

Flat Earth – Volcanoes and Earthquakes

One question I am often asked is how earthquakes and volcanoes work on a flat Earth. The short answer is however earthquakes and volcanoes work

How I Learned About Flat Earth

All children naturally assume and believe we live on a level stationary Earth with the Sun, Moon and stars revolving over and around us because

LEVEL (2021) | First Flat Earth Documentary

Are flat earthers insane? Are they delusional idiots, so convinced of the wrong belief that they all become very passionate truth seekers and activists that

O.D.D TV History Series

Jun 24, 2017 History of Fake Space | Outer Space Does Not Exist  Feb 27, 2017 Flat Earth Timeline | The History of Flat Eart

Dinosaurs: Science or Science Fiction?

By Eric Dubay In 2014 when I published my popular article and video “Dinosaurs Never Existed,” it was very difficult to find any good information

Government documents that admit a Flat Earth – Documents (1 hour 50 mins)

NASA & CIA Documents that Prove Flat & Non-Rotating Earth (01) Page 12:“aircraft flying in a stationary atmosphere over flat nonrotating earth” (02) Page

Where does the sun go?

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What about ships over the horizon?

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What about Antarctica and the 24 hour sun?

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NASA isn't the only space program

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They never did show us this experiment in science class.