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Watch Flat Earther Confront Congressman Lee Zeldin on Flat Earth

“We’re actually being lied to. NASA gives us CGI animation. Have you heard about Flat Earth? Have you heard about the Earth being flat and motionless?” the man asked.

“I wanna say yes, unless you’re getting at something different than what I’m thinking,” a visibly confused Zeldin, who was standing alongside his running mate Alison Esposito and former primary rival Andrew Giuliani, responded.

“So I’m actually a veteran of the United States Navy. I was in Electronic Attack Squadron, VAQ-139. I worked on aircraft. It is my testimony that the Earth is truly flat and motionless. We’re being lied to. NASA uses CGI animation. Are you aware of this? So the blue marble that everybody thinks is Earth, that was made on a computer,” the man continued.

“Yeah, so, personally I strongly disagree. I believe that the Earth is round and I traveled the Earth. I’ve seen it from the sky. As you’re traveling on a flight abroad, the Earth is clearly round. I mean that’s 100 percent indisputable,” Zeldin, who is an Army veteran, responded.

The man encouraged Zeldin to “research it,” and expressed appreciation to the politician for hearing him out.

“Thank you for your service,” Zeldin said.

“I do appreciate it, thank you,” the man said. At the end of the event, the man approached the congressman and handed him his business card and repeated his call to “research” Flat Earth. “It’s the newest hottest thing. It’s the truth. It will uncover all the conspiracies alright? It really will,” he insisted.

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