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Globe vs Flat Earth Court Case

I’m pleased to announce that on this Shavuot/Pentecost, the 9th of Sivan, that the judge presiding over a civil court case in which I was being sued for the amount of $15,000, ruled in my favor and sided with the evidence I presented. Those of you familiar with my work know that following the publication of my ninth book, Flat Earth As Key To Decrypt The Book Of Enoch, that I openly held a challenge to any individual in the world that should they be able to verify with two independent scientifically verifiable experiments that either the Earth had curvature or that it was moving in excess of 50 mph, that they could earn the reward money.

Thus interestingly enough, this case was actually based upon and dependent upon whether one believes the earth to be a globe or flat plane. The judge was ruling over whether the plaintiff W. T. had provided ample evidence to warrant being rewarded the prize money I had put up in challenge. My contention was that he had not, and could not scientifically prove that curvature was nonsexist. Her ruling upheld the fact that his conclusions per stipulation of the rules, were not based on real-world experimentation that curvature actually exists. That whether one believes the earth to be flat or a globe, one must consider the evidence which I brought forth to the court contending against the supposed existence of the Earth’s curvature.

Imagine the shock of those law students witness to the proceedings, watching as the case was argued out, when they discovered that those in the courtroom would be contesting arguments for and against viewpoint that the earth could hold shape contrary to what we have been as public largely indoctrinated into belief.

I was so relieved to discover that the judge was actually open to hearing and considering the facts of this case; and in doing so state in conclusion that no matter one’s belief on whether the earth was a globe or flat, certainly there was much to consider when examining the evidence.

With that I will submit below the statement that I read into the Barrow County Magistrate Court public record, here in Winder Georgia this morning at 9 AM Eastern. Know that I have amended some of this material to clarify the stances of this case. However, the facts as presented here are truthful and reflect the proceedings brought against me by W.T. I am hoping to get an account of the case as reported by the law clerk but do not yet know how to do so.

I’m not sure whether this case is the first one to be argued publicly in a court of law with focus and regard to the question of whether the earth is a plane or a globe. But would be interested to know whether any other case like this had been considered before a judge. W. did boast to the court that should he lose this case it would reflect very badly on the indoctrinated belief that the earth is a globe. I do believe that the judge’s decision to support the evidence that I’ve presented on such consideration, was without a doubt a large win for our community and a precedent we can in the least be proud of when sharing in discussion this topic and case.

All praise, honor, and glory to the Most High God. I believe this case was a win for Yahaveh and biblical cosmologists. Praise God that I did not have to shell out $15,000 dollars to someone undeserving of such reward. Likewise God bless Judge Jamie Crowe for standing with truth in the face of world conditioning.

Record – Court Case: Plaintiff W. T. vs Defendant Zen Garcia

Plaintiff: Suing the defendant for $15,000, believing that he had honored the rules of a contest put forth by Zen Garcia as to whether the earth possessed a measure of curvature defined by the formula of eight inches per mile inversely squared according to that distance. W.T. believed that he had satisfied the rules of the contest set forth by Garcia, and deserves just compensation.

Thompson claims that he had developed two software programs which between them allowed the Earth’s curvature to be measured. In one instance the software supposedly measured the curvature that existed between towers spanning an elongated bridge. The other program was designed to calculate the amount of curvature existing between witnesses on the ground and others at the top of buildings when watching sunset.

Defendant: Garcia shared numerous real-world examples which dispelling the existence of measurable curvature based upon the earth being a globe of 25,000 miles circumference, stated that given the evidence, one must reconsider whether the earth is truly spherical in shape or like a plane flat and level as the evidence suggests.

To whom it may concern:

At the end of 2014, a cohost and colleague of mine known by the broadcasting handle the Hijacker, began imploring me to examine a topic which for some reason began garnering a lot of interest on the Internet. The issue had to do with whether scientists were correct or not in their calculation of the Earth’s measurable curvature. Having studied astronomy for three years as my requisite college science, and familiar with the dynamics, construct of the solar system, I felt I would be able to settle this question quickly and then return to my normal programming. …. Read More

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    Globe vs Flat Earth Court Case I’m pleased to announce that on this Shavuot/Pentecost, the 9th of Sivan, that the judge presiding over a civil

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