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Uvalde HS Had Active Shooter Drill Weeks Before Massacre, Was Part Of AI Program To Detect Mass Killers – VIDEOS

[Red Voice Media] UVALDE, TX – Just over two months prior to the horrific mass shooting that left 19 people and two adults dead at Robb Elementary School, the Uvalde Police Department conducted active shooter training with several of its officers. On top of that, the Uvalde School District was a part of an artificial intelligence program that was designed to help officials identify potential threats.

The school district participated in an active shooter training that was apparently being done in many districts in the area. The department shared several images of the training, including the role players, many of whom were high school students laying on the ground pretending to be dead people.

“Our overall goal,” the department posted on its Facebook page on March 22, “is to train every Uvalde area law enforcement officer so that we can prepare as best as possible for any situation that may arise. We have hosted several of these courses and plan to continue to do so. I would like to thank UCISD Officers Adrian Gonzales, Ruben Ruiz and UCISD Lieutenant Mike Hernandez for instructing the course. Additionally, we would like to thank Dr. Harrell and Mr. Mueller for supporting our plans to keep our children and staff safe. Great job to everyone!!”

Ruben Ruiz, mentioned in the post, is a 16-year veteran of the department. He’s also the husband of fourth-grade teacher Eva Mireles, who died in the shooting.

Despite this active shooter training, police reportedly overwhelmingly underreacted during this incident, being more forceful with fearful parents than the murderer himself.

Now, comments have flooded the post with people asking what happened to that training when the actual incident occurred, and others calling the shooting a false flag event. (False flag event does not mean that the event did not happen, it means that it’s an incident that was likely known about by authorities and allowed to happen anyway to push a specific narrative, such as gun control in this event.)

Further, it’s been discovered that officials from the school district were monitoring students’ social media accounts via an “advanced AI-based service,” Social Sentinel (part of the company Navigate 360), software that was reportedly purchased by the district several years ago.

The point of the software is supposedly to recognize “signals of potential harm found in digital conversations.” Navigate 360’s website says their products are made for “student harm prevention solutions that work better together.” Also on their website prominently shown is information about how the company promotes social-emotional learning (a Critical Race Theory buzzword).

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