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Flat Earth – Volcanoes and Earthquakes

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One question I am often asked is how earthquakes and volcanoes work on a flat Earth. The short answer is however earthquakes and volcanoes work on an Earth with curvature, they work exactly the same on an Earth without curvature. No special explanation for these phenomena are necessary because the theories that exist for their occurrences are irrelevant to the shape of the Earth. Having said that, the prevailing theory for the cause of earthquakes actually makes more sense on a planar Earth than a spherical one. Plate Tectonics theory holds that large adjacent grinding plates of land build up friction until one fault plane slips under the other causing an Earthquake. This could theoretically happen regardless of the shape of the Earth, but even the mainstream images and terminology employed from “PLATE” tectonics to fault “PLANES,” all suggest the geology of a level plane and not a spherical ball. As for volcanoes, the globe model purports that the lava which erupts and is ejected from volcanoes comes from deep inside the magical magma tootsie-roll center of their tootsie-pop Earth. In reality however the longest and deepest drilling operation in history, the Russian Kola Superdeep, after over 20 years and busting several drills managed to bore only 8 miles down, so the entire ball-Earth model taught in schools showing a crust, outer-mantle, inner-mantle, outer-core and inner-core layers where this molten magma supposedly rests are all purely speculation as we have never actually even penetrated through beyond the crust. What we do know is that Earth’s matter gets denser and more pressurized, therefore more heated, the further down you go. At its greatest depth of just under 8 miles, the Kola Superdeep bore hole registered a blazing temperature of 356 degrees Fahrenheit. As you drill downwards, the temperature constantly increases approximately 1 degree Fahrenheit per 50 feet, so that after only 1.5 miles down it is already the temperature of boiling water, and by the time you reached 15 miles down all rocks would be melted down and molten.

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