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How I Learned About Flat Earth

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All children naturally assume and believe we live on a level stationary Earth with the Sun, Moon and stars revolving over and around us because that is what we actually experience every day of our lives. No children before heliocentric indoctrination would ever assume or believe they lived on a tilting, wobbling, spinning oblate spheroid hurdling incredible speeds through infinite vacuum space, because none of that is present in our lived experience. Only after thorough indoctrination through mainstream media and government education do children slowly begin to abandon their actual natural every day lived experience of the world, and adopt the new imaginative model espoused by their teachers and televisions. I remember the moment we began studying the solar system in elementary school and were taught that Earth was a giant blue ball floating in space spinning circles around the Sun. The entire concept sounded ridiculous to me as I sat clearly still and motionless in my chair while being told the ground beneath me was actually tilting, wobbling, rotating and revolving many thousands of miles per hour in various directions. I could see the flat horizon out the window, at the beach, and from mountain tops clearly never curving downwards in the slightest, yet I was being told the Earth was a ball and that if I dug a hole straight down far enough I would pop out in China and find more sky below me! When the teacher then insisted that everyone in Australia was actually living their lives upside-down relative to people on the Northern Hemisphere, I remember raising my hand confused and asking, “why don’t people in the Southern Hemisphere fall off of the ball?” to which my teacher readily replied with the heliocentric model’s one word magical answer for all critical questions: gravity – An invisible force strong enough to hold the world’s oceans, buildings and people stuck to a rapidly spinning ball, while simultaneously weak enough to allow birds, bugs, smoke, steam, and helium balloons to completely evade its grasp…

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