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Scientists or Rating-Critics

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Translated and edited by Northern Tracey and John Blaid.
Original article found at:
The 90th session[1] was eagerly awaited by numerous loyal spectators and fans of the Corona
Committee, because the topic promised explosive material.
For the first time and finally!! a joint stage of Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, Dr. Stefan Lanka and Dr.
Andrew Kaufman was announced. Wow! If this is not exciting, what is?
And so, in the meantime, a whole 30-40,000 viewers followed the live stream, which lasted over 6
hours – the interest was comparable to that of a Champions League match!
After all, it was about nothing less than the virus existence question! And, of course, linked to this
is the hope of finally getting scientific evidence for pathogenic viruses, or not – and then being able
to put an end to the whole farce with facts and legal support!
What the audience was then to be treated to, however, could not be topped in its absurdity and
presented the attentive contemporary witnesses with an eye-opener par excellence – on a silver
It is almost with some melancholy that I realize that the suspicion, which has long been held by
various parties, has been confirmed. That the “Corona Committee” seems to be a kind of partial
criticism, because the committee was obviously not the least interested in the most elementary
findings to disprove the existence of viruses, let alone presumably to be able to put a quick end to
the plandemic.

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