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The Germ Theory an Idiots Guide

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How did we get ourselves into this pickle we’re in? What is the main ingredient, the heart that is pumping the fear around the world right now? IT IS The Germ theory. Without this they would never have been able to build up the fear to the hysterical level it has reached. They would never have been able to build the all encompassing and powerful big pharma and they would never have had so much power to weald over the entire earth. THIS is why it is so important that we understand what germ theory is and what it is not.

What is the germ theory of disease. The britannica definition says
Germ theory, the theory that certain diseases are caused by the invasion of the body by microorganisms, organisms too small to be seen except through a microscope.”
Merriam Websters definition “: a theory in medicine: infections, contagious diseases, and various other conditions result from the action of microorganisms”
One thing the medical establishment always throws at us is their favourite quote “Correlation does not equal causation” which means basically just because something is there does not mean it is the cause. They use this to poopoo any claims that their drugs might be making us sick yet totally ignore it when it comes to germ theory. In fact germ theory only works if you break that rule and blame the first thing you see. Just like the old analogy of blaming the firemen for the fire they come to put out or blaming the flies for the garbage.

Some people might be surprised to know germ theory and all that’s been built on it is only less than 150 years old OFFICIALLY and just like the information war going on today, with censorship, the story of how germ theory gained so much ground is also heavily censored. No-one in medical school or even any school is ever taught about a scientist call Bechamp who in his day was more important than Einstein. He was infinitely cleverer and years ahead of the man who everyone does talk about….. Pasteur.

Pasteur was a fame and power hungry showman with a big mouth and a bad temper. He was also extremely cruel to the point even his contemporaries complained after his sawing the skulls off live dogs and even using condemned prisoners for vivisecting. He was not well liked and certainly not a great scientist so how did he and this theory get so famous? There is no written proof of it but all the signs point to outside influence and help, strings were pulled and connections made. He was either introduced into the ‘club’ or was one of their puppets used for his showmanship to usher in their control mechanism which was to be THE GERM THEORY, the bogeyman, the invisible enemy, the perfect weapon as well as a scapegoat for all the growing industries which were truly hurting people (THEIR industries). It is well known the Rothschilds were strongly linked with European Royalty and Napoleon at the time influencing everything from wars to education so no doubt they had a hand in the rise of Pasteur and his germ theory which also explains the quick take up of the cause in America by the Rockefellers and other countries where the families held power.

Anything you read about Pasteur’s experiments, which were put on like large shows to crowds of people, is either fake news or censored. Like his anthrax experiments on sheep. We are told they were a raging success and his anthrax vaccine did make him a large fortune. A few years ago tho in 1971 his journals which had been passed down with the condition that they were to be kept secret, were in fact made public as the last male heir died. Those journals were a bombshell to the germ theory. They exposed the way he cheated, lied and plagiarized fellow scientists especially Bechamp. Remember those sheep? In his 1st experiment he vaccinated 4,564 sheep of which 3,696 dropped dead almost instantly. He had to pay for all the sheep he’d killed so for his next public experiment he simply cheated. So basically Pasteur was the original poster child for a marketing campaign for the pharmaceutical companies ultimate brainchild. The vaccine. The foundation was set. Vaccines were to be the basis of the new health system based entirely on the unproven germ theory.

So what about this Bechamp fella and why was he so ignored? Well because his work was proving the complete opposite of what Pasteur was selling so hard. Germs were NOT the cause of disease. While Pasteur was busy hobnobbing with Napoleon. partying with his mates and doing his showcase experiments Bechamp was beavering away in his lab looking at these germs under the newly invented microscope. He saw that the microbes were not in fact all different species. He saw them change from one form into another like caterpillars into butterflies, like seeds into plants except they didn’t only change once or twice they had MANY different forms. They seemed to start as a seed or a spore, the tiniest form which he called a microzyma. Then they went through a number of different shapes, a TB shape which is a rod shape, a Y shape which they now claim is an antibody, and various other shapes Pasteur claimed to be different species until a final form which bursts forth more of those spores and so back to the beginning. This is called PLEOMORPHISM. This one discovery should have put the germ theory to bed right there because how can they blame a specific species of a microbe as being a cause of a specific disease if it is not a specific species but just one face of the same microbe? It didn’t kill the germ theory tho because it was ignored, buried and censored and nowadays pleomorphism gets referred to as ‘good and bad bacteria’.

Bechamp also discovered that the germs did not invade from outside but were already IN the body and produced IN and BY the body. He also showed that the morphing into different forms happened when the tissue they were in was dead or dying or if poisons were introduced. He observed them morphing and cleaning up dead tissues and cells and even neutralizing some poisons. The germs were not CAUSING anything they were cleaning up the mess caused by something else. They are like the clean up crew after a bomb blast and in some cases they have to don hazmat suits in order to get the job done. This is why they morph, to protect themselves from the hazards they are cleaning up and to survive hostile terrains.

Robert Koch came into the frey and his contribution was to set up scientific rules which would verify germ theory, these rules are called Kock’s postulates. One big problem with that was that however hard they tried they could not even make the first rule stick. Looking at Tuberculin, the rod shaped bacteria they thought was causing TB, they could not find it in every person who showed the symptoms, they also did find it in perfectly healthy people. Now you see why it’s still after all this time called a theory and not a law. It has never fulfilled any of the laws set up to prove it. This is why we get convoluted explanations to explain themselves out of this fact. It’s called circular reasoning and the art of bullshitting.

Meantime across the pond in America Rockefeller and his ‘club’ (no doubt under the direction of the Rothschilds) were quickly setting up their modern medical empire on the foundation of this germ theory which was being mirrored all over the countries the Rothschilds had power and influence in. Using phylanthropy as their cover they were effectively buying up all the universities and closing down all the herbalist and homeopathic schools and hospitals (because they were far too successful at helping people get well very cheaply using NATURAL substances which could not be patented and so controlled and profitted from by the now powerful pharma companies which were also being bought up by Rockefeller who had seen the opportunity to make new drugs from ingredients from his oil refining business). Follow the money. You can read all about this process in detail in a book called The Medicine Racket, there is also a film called ‘Rockefeller Medicine’ which amazingly is still on youtube. Modern orthodox medicine IS a racket and was built using mafia tactics which is the workings behind phylanthropy. Notice how much power Bill Gates’s phylanthropic donations has bought him today. Same process being used again to gain power and wealth.

During this time (early 1900’s) there were also many experiments being carried out to find the actual mode of contagion in the germ theory, how were these diseases being passed from one person to another.
I have them all in one article on my wordpress called ‘contagion a fairy story’. I won’t read all of them out for the sake of time and boring you all but here’s a snippet of one of the experiments I’ve picked out because of the interesting conclusion they stumbled on because it is quite relevent to our situation.
“In 1930, Dochez et al. attempted to infect a group of men experimentally with the common cold. The authors stated in their results, something that is nothing short of amazing. “It was apparent very early that this individual was more or less unreliable and from the start it was possible to keep him in the dark regarding our procedure. He had inconspicuous symptoms after his test injection of sterile broth and no more striking results from the cold filtrate, until an assistant, on the second day after injection, inadvertently referred to this failure to contract a cold. That evening and night the subject reported severe symptomatology, including sneezing, cough, sore throat and stuffiness in the nose. The next morning he was told that he had been misinformed in regard to the nature of the filtrate and his symptoms subsided within the hour. It is important to note that there was an entire absence of objective pathological changes”. In other words they couldn’t see anything (untoward) going on under a microscope.
It seemed in this case they had found people could be made sick by mere suggestion. Hmmm interesting don’t you think? All the other experiments completely failed to make people sick unless they were injected or had it shoved right up their noses as in this experiment-
“In 1920, Schmidt et al conducted two controlled experiments, exposing healthy people to the bodily fluids of sick people. Of 196 people exposed to the mucous secretions of sick people, 21 (10.7%) developed colds and three developed grippe (flu) (1.5%). In the second group, of the 84 healthy people exposed to mucous secretions of sick people, five developed grippe (5.9%) and four colds (4.7%). Of forty-three controls who had been inoculated with sterile physiological salt solutions eight (18.6%) developed colds. A higher percentage of people got sick after being exposed to saline compared to those being exposed to the “virus”. (I wonder if the word virus is being used in the old sense or the new here). So the placebo group were the worst affected! Of all the various experiments not one person became sick from personal contact even to the point of swapping spit.

Then there is the curious case of Masha and Dasha …………1950’s

A man called Royal Raymond RIFE also came along in the 1930’s and invented a new microscope which miraculously could see live microbes down to much smaller sizes which could potentially blow their cover again. He could see the tiniest microbes which we now know are the microzyma (other scientists have given them names too, protits, somatids). His lifes work and his microscope were siezed by the FBI never to be seen again and poor Rife was driven to drink and his reputation also destroyed and he wasn’t even anti-germ theory! He was however a threat to the drugs business. Why did the medical industry not want to use this amazing new technology but plumped for the electron microscope instead which can only see dead tissues, nothing living and moving. I think you know. I’ll just mention in passing that more recently a man in Canada called Gaston Naessens has also built a similar microscope and is actually videoing pleomorphism and has even mapped out all the different forms they take, but that’s something you can look into yourself.

This exposing of the germ theory as false had to be nipped in the bud so what did they do? They invented VIRUSES. They had to be smaller than the wavelength of light so no-one could see them under a normal microscope, so the INVISIBLE ENEMY was reborn and a new business could also be built on it called VIROLOGY. It was also in the 1930’s coincidentally that the dictionary definition of VIRUS was changed by Rockefeller, Rivers and Flexner from the old definition of “A liquid poison” to this new one- “Any of various submicroscopic agents that infect living organisms, often causing disease, and that consist of a single or double strand of RNA or DNA surrounded by a protein coat. Unable to replicate without a host cell, viruses are typically not considered living organisms.” Hmm not living? Then not a microbe and also what’s all that nonsense about ‘living viruses’ and live virus vaccines? More circular reasoning no doubt.

Virology is the ultimate pseudo-science. Built on the now crumbling foundations of germ theory and sellotaped together with the newly developed science of genetics, it is the business of chasing unicorns, things that do not exist and that no-one can refute without having journeyed into the belly of the beast and seen the cogs in the machine making the fantasy sci-fi production called The Virus Hunters (if it were a Hollwood production, which it kind of is). Stefan Lanka did exactly that, he went backstage and saw all the actors without their make-up and he knew it was all a massive con trick. There are no viruses, there never were. They’ve even taken the pleomorphism which is starting to creep out of oblivion and slapped it onto their story about viruses. Why do their vaccines not work, oh the virus has morphed/mutated they like to say now, but it’s the very thing which could have brought down the original germ theory and they have managed to prop up germ theory mark two with. It’s like a magic trick but not a very good one. It’s also a slap in the face to poor old Bechamp. They are mocking us.

Everyone who is arguing over the details, like ingredients, safety and efficacy of different vaccines or drugs is either still ignorant or has one foot in and one foot out of this business. Especially when we know they have been shown the proof germ theory is a lie and viruses don’t exist. There are many out there who are controlling the narrative, hiding details from us still. These are called gatekeepers and controlled opposition. They are easy to spot once you know everything I’ve told you here is fact. Like those in the anti-vaccine movement who boldy shout that they are not anti-vax, that they want safer vaccines. That is controlled opposition. If they really wanted to end dangerous vaccines they would tell the truth that they never worked and never will, but hey that would be too easy and they would have to go get a proper job.

There are those who harp on about bad bacteria and healthy microbiomes. There are no ‘good and bad bacteria’. There are only bacteria in various forms affected by the environment they are in. This refers to Bechamp’s Terrain theory. Bacteria are just seen in varying forms like wearing protective gear. Even fungus is one of these forms and is the one needed for the most toxic clean ups. Just like fungus can be used to clean up giant oil spills in the sea or how fungii clear up the dead stuff on the forest floor where there is no light. When they speak of an ‘infection’ they are referring to a clean-up site where lots of bacteria are working hard to sort out some mess. For example if you get a splinter in your finger and try as you might you just can’t get it out, what happens? A blister will form, it will be sore because it is ‘inflammed’ , that is the extra blood transporting things in and out of the site, a white bubble forms around the splinter, this is full of microbes breaking the splinter down, if it can’t be broken down then the skin will grow under it and eventually the body pushes out the splinter. I have seen this happen on my own fingers. THIS is your so-called ‘immune system’. There is no such thing as an immune system tho, because there is nothing to be immune to and the things they call diseases CAN happen more than once.
The Immune theory was built on the findings of the ability to become drug resistant.
If you take a drug regularly in small doses your body becomes accustomed and to get the effect the drug produces you need to take more and more. Like you become immune to the effects of the poisons. This is the body learning how to deal with a specific toxin more efficiently and is a well known process, they just tagged it onto the germ theory and applied it to germs, but as we know germs do not cause disease it does not apply and you cannot be immune from being poisoned again. You do not ‘strengthen your immune system’ as the naturopaths like to say. You just stop poisoning yourself and you give your body good clean species appropriate food. What we have been taught is an ‘immune system’ is actually a garbage collection system and a hazardous waste disposal system.

If there is no immune system and we do not build up immunity to germs (our own clean up crew) then vaccines are a complete and utter scam. Why do you think they have to put ADJUVANTS into vaccines to make the fictitious immune system react to the injection of some ‘germs’? Adjuvants in english are toxic ingredients like heavy metals. One of them is the favourite of the orthodox quacks of old….. mercury. They actually gave it out like sweets back in the day for all manner of illness along with cocaine and heroin, 3 very popular medicines. No wonder everyone was scared of the quacks. By the way the name Quack comes from the german for mercury which is Quackenselber. Funny how they now call naturopaths or anyone using a different method a quack. Just like projecting or mirroring that those satanists use. Just saying. They have been hiding mercury in vaccines for years. So when they give a vaccine the body is not reacting to the germs it is reacting to a massive toxic explosion entering the body from a direction that is the most difficult to deal with, right into the tissues and the blood stream so bypassing our natural defence barriers (skin, mucous membranes, digestive system). Pro-vaxxers like to say about this deadly poison in vaccines that “the poison is in the dose” basically meaning a tiny dose of poison is not necessarily poisoness. BUT it was proven also in the early 1900’s that the mode of entry of poison can change all that. Look up Richet and his Nobel Prize winning talk on anaphylaxis. They have known since back then that injection of ANYTHING (especially proteins alarmingly) can induce the body to have a severe reaction if it encounters the same substance a second time. Now thinking about how they give vaccines one after the other and that they are not injecting viruses but proteins (remember the description of a virus?). They also put common foodstuffs in there (like peanut oil) do you think that might cause some serious problems AND how have they ignored this nobel prize winning work? Odd isn’t it. Do they know or not? It’s obviously not in the script. Another inconvenient truth?

If you are listening to doctors or mainstream scientists for your info you are still watching the muppet show directed and produced by Rockefeller medicine. They reel you in with their pretty CGI pictures, and qualifications and bamboozle you with fancy long latin words and circular reasoning. They like to tell people like me and you dear listener that we are stupid because we are not qualified so can’t possibly understand science. A nurse actually said this to me the other day. These people have been thoroughly indoctrinated into the cult and don’t know how to tell the truth without admitting their whole career has been a lie, that they have been killing people not healing them. They call doctors officially the 3rd leading cause of death. But they are only third officially because they claim cancer and heart disease kill slightly more people but there again those deaths were also from the treatments meted out by doctors and not their own bodies healing processes so medical doctors are in fact the number one cause of death today. That is a hard pill to swallow so you can see why they’d prefer not to go there. The only doctors and scientists worth listening to are the ones who retired or got out when they found out the truth. Even naturopaths and many so called alternative medicine doctors are steeped in germ theory and all it’s trappings.

The truth is Ultimately our bodies are miraculous self healing organisms. The body does not need help to heal except in extreme circumstances of injury which is life-threatening. In fact when you think you are sick or ‘diseased’ as you are having symptoms those are the actual signs of the body healing itself and your microbiome doing it’s thing. Pushing out poisons through the skin is an obvious process we can see happening with things like chickenpox or indeed anything called a pox, even acne is the same process of cleansing. Lots of different names for the same thing. ALL the symptoms we see which they call disease are in fact the body healing itself from something and guess who is doing all the work in there? Yes those ‘germs’. Those acute illnesses which they claim to be contagious diseases, if you notice, they are all explosions of toxins exiting the body, through the skin, the mouth, the lungs, the bowels just about every hole we have. When doctors interfere with their drugs, which stop all these processes, they are effectively closing all the exits and forcing the body to deal with it somehow in another way. This is where chronic illness comes in. Those toxins have to be dealt with, somehow, so temporarily they CAN be stored in the fat which keeps them out of reach of the organs, if they are too toxic for that they can be cordoned off into what we know as tumours or cysts. The body then has to deal with the new toxins which have been added to the mix by the administered drugs. It’s a kind of prioritizing in the body, lock the first offenders up temporarily and go deal with the new assault. The drugs actually put the body in stress mode (fight or flight) which is why we seem to feel better when we take the drugs. We tend to feel energized when we are under stress. It hasn’t however cured anything. The build up of toxic load will have to be dealt with by the body sometime down the line (when the body comes out of stress mode which is usually when we are on holiday) and the bigger the load the bigger and more dramatic the symptoms will be. It is like an accident waiting to happen except it is no accident.

There is so much to learn about what we are only now being shown thanx to the internet and those pesky conspiracy nuts. It may seem overwhelming but it isn’t because it is so much simpler than a convoluted theory propped up by circular reasoning and blatant lies. The truth is always simpler than lies. The truth has always been here written and spoken about by people practising what they call alternatives but that are really just the truth. I’d especially recommend you look into Natural Hygiene which is not what you may think from the name. When you hear hygiene nowadays you automatically think of killing germs right? THAT is not what the word actually means. Look it up, be amazed to see how they’ve twisted things. It’s no good looking to science for proof as that is all controlled within the system built on germ theory (and controlled by the ‘club’) unless you learn their language and how to read their studies and spot the gaping mistakes. That can take years of practise and study and needs confidence and conviction.

I’d like to end with a couple of Quotes from What really makes you ill by Dawn Lester and David Parker which sum things up nicely I think…….
“It is a fundamental principle that the burden of proof lies with those who propose a theory, yet in the case of Germ Theory that proof does not exist, there is no original scientific evidence that definitively proves that any germ causes any specific disease”
“There are however many reasons for the germ theory to be perpetuated as IF it has been scientifically established and proven to be true, some of those reasons relate to economics, politics and geo-politics.” It’s all about the money and power.

I just want to open your eyes a little and hope you will go and look into what I’ve said here and will give a list of reading material if you want to look at more details. It’s so important to wrench ourselves out of this sick and twisted paradigm they have built all around us before it kills us all. I sometimes feel tipping point is near. Other days I feel despair that we’re never gonna get it. I also suspect they know the game is up and the cash cow is almost dead on it’s feet and this might just be the final death throws of the dying paradigm. Or is it just their genocidal plan of depopulation finally playing out? They have hinted all along that the health industry is to change. What that change brings tho is up to us. We have to base it on truth, not profits. We have to also lose the fear and trust our own bodies. We are perfectly designed as is all nature. Germ theory is not natural, it doesn’t follow any of the rules of nature. It is a manmade dogma within a cult. Mother nature or God, if you believe in him, didn’t make any mistakes, WE did.

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