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Dr. Clare Craig: It’s an “Absurd Fantasy That 20 Million Lives Have Been Saved From Vaccinations”

Imperial College has produced yet another fantasy number. This time they are “projecting” that 19.8 million lives have been saved by COVID-19 vaccination.

“They appear to be trying to test the gullibility of the public,” said Dr. Clare Craig, a pathologist since 2001 working in the NHS.

In case you missed it, Imperial College has earned a global reputation for making provable wrong claims based on flawed modeling. Neil Ferguson’s models in 2020 were a total disaster.

Although this was not Neil Ferguson’s work, the latest model from Imperial College is also a disaster.

Modeling is nothing by glorified guessing based on extrapolating from assumptions of the authors’ choosing. The assumptions were so wild in this latest attempt that they reached the absurd fantasy of 20 million lives having been saved.

Take a look for yourself here.

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