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Map of gas supplies to Europe

The figures inside the arrows are gas supplies in billion cubic meters per year. From Russia to Europe – 153 billion cubic meters;From Algeria to Europe – 29 billion cubic

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The illusion of evidence based medicine – Dr. John Campbell

The illusion of evidence based medicine… Evidence based medicine has been corrupted by corporate interests, failed regulation, and commercialisation of academia, argue these authors Jon Jureidini, research

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How the Pandemic Was Fabricated

Story at-a-glance The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and individual states are now backtracking on their COVID death statistics, showing those of us who claimed deaths were being

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Watch Ukrainian militants seize priest

Harrowing footage reportedly shows Homeland Defense fighters arresting a priest in Ukraine’s Cherkassy region. The video is said to show a temple of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow

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Spain scraps quarantine

Spain is becoming a pioneer among the larger countries of the EU. As of this week, Covid-positive people no longer have to be quarantined. Thus a central instrument of the

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The Horrors of Social Credit

By Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc A few years ago, in a book called The Game’s Afoot (published in 2018) I wrote that the Chinese Government was giving people marks according to

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