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Einstein’s Idiots

-1 What’s the point? -2 A line is NOT the shortest distance b/w 2 points! -3 Debunking length contraction -4 Debunking spacetime -5 Do leprechauns exist? -6 Did you ever

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5G tower next to a school

5G tower next to a school. Look at the warning signs. Yet it is somehow safe to stay around this tower for hours in the school? No one thinks that.

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Symptoms of 5G radiation sickness include:

💥Shortness of breath,💥Passing out,💥Cold and Flu symptoms,💥Fever,💥Increase cancer risk,💥Foggy thinking,💥Eye pain,💥Nightmares,💥Nausea,💥Vomiting,💥Diarrhea, As you can see greedy corporate bastards want to push 5G into every part of the world and poison

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