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NYC “Subway Shooting” was fake

Let their be no doubt the NYC “Subway Shooting” was fake MSM claims: “Gunman Fired 33 Times in Brooklyn Subway Attack, Shooting 10 Riders, Police Say; Person of Interest Identified”

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Greece Fully Reopening for Summer

It’s official. Greece is fully reopening for summer 2022. It was announced on Monday that Greece will become the 30th nation to remove Covid-related entry requirements for all travelers, including

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Hollywood And Their Alien UFO Propaganda

(Prabhupada Truth) Hollywood was established by International Jewry to mass mind control the people of the western civilization. After the second world war two types of movies have being continually

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What did the people say to the WHO?

In the public participation process on the proposed global pandemic treaty By Shabnam Palesa Mohamed My colleagues in the World Council for Health work tirelessly to inspire, inform and empower

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