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Dr. Robert Malone Documentary: It’s Up to the People to Hold the Perpetrators Accountable

“I don’t think they have any other choice, practically, other than to continue this strategy of denial and propaganda and censorship to try to avoid culpability. It’s up to the world.”

The State Has No Business Pushing Jabs on the Children – Dr. Robert Malone

“We absolutely should not do these practices of coercion or enticement like ice cream for a jab, or this playing tricks like, ‘Well, if you send your child to school, you’ve implicitly approved of them to be vaccinated.’ That’s just sneaky.”

The Denigration and Displacement of Ivermectin – Dr. Robert Malone

“There’s this growing awareness that there is T cell damage from the vaccine, so that it may be that if you’re naturally immune and you take the vaccine, you actually have a less effective immune response than you did before you took the vaccine.”

Dr. Malone: “The Largest Experiment on Human Beings Ever Performed in the History of the World”

“[This vaccine program] has been done in a way that has waived norms and standards that have been developed over decades. So this question of: Robert, why are you speaking out? I’m seeing my profession destroyed.”

Watch Full Documentary: Dr. Robert Malone Documentary – Headwind – Scientists Whose Voices Have Been Censored

    Joe Biden: Pandemic is Over

    Joe Biden during an interview on 60Minutes says he believes the COVID pandemic is Over. 850 more unvaxxed NYC teachers, aides fired for not complying

    Lockdowns Harms Impossible to Cover Up

    “According to a recent study by the World Bank, published in the journal Nature, lockdowns and the response to Covid-19 have pushed an additional 75

    Contagious Vaccines: A Warning

    Brownstone Institute – For two decades scientists have been quietly developing self-spreading contagious vaccines. The NIH funded this research, in which either DNA from a deadly

    VAERS Reports as of 6/10/2022 Release

    28,859 Deaths where Vaccine is COVID19 1,301,356 Adverse Events where Vaccine is COVID19 Search Vaccine Reactions Using MedAlertsA Powerful VAERS Database Search Engine hosted by

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