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Will the Future Be Human? World Economic Forum’s Yuval Noah Harari (Videos Part 2)

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“You Will Not Be Able to Hide” – Algorithms Will Understand You Better Than You Know Yourself

Yuval Noah Harari: “Even if you walk away, and even if you keep hiding from your classmates or from yourself, you will not be able to hide from Amazon and Alibaba and the secret police. As you watch videos or check your social feed, the algorithms will be monitoring your eye movements, your blood pressure, your brain activity…”

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Breaking the Laws of Organic Biochemistry With OUR ‘Intelligent Design’ of the Inorganic Realm

Yuval Noah Harari: “Science is replacing evolution by natural selection with evolution by intelligent design. Not the intelligent design of some God above the clouds, but our intelligent design and the intelligent design of our clouds — the IBM Cloud, the Microsoft Cloud — these are the new driving forces of evolution.”

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The Future Masters of the Planet Will Be Those Who Own the Data – Yuval Noah Harari

“Now, data is replacing machinery as the most important asset, and if too much of the data becomes concentrated in too few hands, humanity will split not into classes, it will split into species, into different species.”

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Free Will Is a Myth—Corporations Will Understand You Better Than You Know Yourself

Yuval Noah Harari: “We are talking about a world in which humans are no longer a black box. Nobody really understands what happens inside, so we say, ‘Okay, free will.’ No, the box is open, and it’s open to others, certain others, more than it is open to [you]. You don’t understand what’s happening in your brain, but some corporation or government or organization could understand that.”

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“Total Biometric Surveillance… We Need to Monitor What’s Happening Under the Skin”

Yuval Noah Harari: “With this kind of surveillance, (you can detect dissent). I mean, you watch the big President, the big leader, give a speech on television — the television could be monitoring you and knowing whether you’re angry or not just by analyzing the cues, the biological cues coming from your body.”

Click here for Full Clip

WEF Advisor Yuval Noah Harari Explains How the Next Industrial Revolution Will Create a Class of ‘Meaningless, Worthless’ People

“The product this time will be humans themselves. We are basically learning to produce bodies and minds.

The problem [with the lower classes] is boredom and what to do with them. How will they find some sense of meaning in life when they are basically meaningless, worthless.”

Harari: The Bible Is Fake News—Only a Catastrophe Can Shake Humankind Towards a Global Government

Harari: La Biblia es una noticia falsa: solo una catástrofe puede sacudir a la humanidad hacia un gobierno global (Subtítulos)

“We can’t do it before the catastrophe [strikes], but we need to start laying the foundations so that when the disaster strikes, we can react quickly.”

“The Computer Says No” – Humans Will Lose Control Over Their Lives as Algorithms Decide Their Fate

Yuval Noah Harari: “In the not-so distant future, similar algorithms might tell us where to work and whom to marry, and also decide whether to hire us for a job, whether to give us a loan… Humans will simply not be able to understand the computer’s decisions. So even in supposedly free countries, humans are likely to lose control over our own lives and also lose the ability to understand public policy.”

Harari’s Future: Algorithms to Detect Your Sexual Orientation

“Now imagine the situation in 10 or 20 years when an algorithm can tell any teenager exactly where he or she is on the gay-straight spectrum and even how malleable this position is.”

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