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How to treat VAIDS and cure Diabetes

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How to treat VAIDS

Spike proteins are a pathogen which attacks and penetrates everything in your body it touches. The lethal agent in Covid-19 is not the 88.5% of the virus proteins which cause the flu. It is the 12.5% of the proteins in the spike which facilitates the infection. People do not in general die from the coronavirus flu which the body defeats within 7 days. They die from day 8 onwards at which point the flu has mainly gone and the body is left defending itself against spike protein allergy and spike protein mediated vascular endotheliitis. This begs the question: Why did all the pharma companies make a vaccine out of the only lethal component to the virus?ย 

By a concerned reader

The simple answer may be โ€“ that was the gene sequence that the WHO provided to them. So the next question then begged is: Why did the WHO provide the gene sequence to the only lethal part of the virus and not provide the gene sequence to any of the much larger non lethal parts such as the nucleocapsid part or one of the polyprotein parts? The sequences of these are also known โ€“ .

Well there is a question that should have been asked on day 1. That choice was pretty much the crime of the century until Putin stepped up.

So what should one do now that the government has forced you to turn your body into a spike protein factory which is today busy machine gunning your cells, your organs, your brain and your blood vessels with a chimeric bioweapon? 

Well a good place to start is the Spike Protein Detox Guide of the World Health Council, the WHC, which is kind of the antidote for the World Health Organisation, the WHO. Their guide is quite extensive. 

The safest bet in my opinion is the flavenoid Quercetin (500 mg per day). Zinc Sulphate (30 mg per day) Vitamin D3 (tablet โ€“ 4,000 IU per day) and Vitamin C (250 mg 4x per day) for 8 weeks. But do your own research and please consult your doctor (that should be a surreal experience, asking him for advice on curing a condition that he may not accept exists).

So lets now move on from curing a disease which most people think does not exist to curing a disease which the most of the medical profession believes cannot be cured!

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2 years ago

I am spiritually told ADHD medication will help when sick. Studies seem to confirm that. Perhaps it is the adrenaline released that activates immune cells. Those cells have such receptors.

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