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Chile approves a Law to protect Employment Rights of Mutants and Genetically Modified Humans

In addition to a law protecting neurorights, Chile now has an employment law to protect against discrimination of mutants and genetically modified individuals.  The National Congress of Chile approved a bill titled “Prohibits Labour Discrimination Against Mutations or Alterations of Genetic Material or Genetic Testing” on 16 February 2022.

Official Gazette, Republic of Chile, Law number 21,422, 16 February 2022

The PDF for the “Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, Law number 21,422. – Prohibits employment discrimination against mutations or alterations of genetic material or genetic tests” is in Spanish so we translated it into English using Google and attached it below.

Chile is one of the most highly vaccinated countries in the world and at the beginning of February 2022 a campaign to administer a fourth dose began for most of the population. Despite the country having one of the highest vaccination rates in the world it was passing through its highest rate of infection of the entire pandemic, record infection rates, at the time the fourth dose campaign began, Associated Press reported.

Our World in Data: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Vaccinations

Neurorights Bill

In 2021, Chile’s Senate unanimously approved a bill to amend the constitution to protect brain rights or “neurorights”.  In the January 2022 edition of The UNESCO Courier a science journalist based in Santiago, Chile, wrote:

“It is now expected that the bill will be signed into law by the country’s president.

“Once the process is completed, Chile will become the world’s first country to have legislation to protect mental privacy, free will and non-discrimination in citizens’ access to neurotechnology. The aim is to give personal brain data the same status as an organ, so that it cannot be bought or sold, trafficked or manipulated.

“At the same time, a constitutional reform to amend Article 19 of the Magna Carta, the country’s constitution, is being considered to ‘protect the integrity and mental indemnity of the brain from the advances and capacities developed by neurotechnologies’.”

However, as we have learned over the last couple of years nothing is as it seems or done for the benefit of the people. During a recent podcast Whitney Webb discussed the ulterior motives and background of the people behind the push for “neurorights” at the national and international level and why it’s more about making new markets than protecting our rights.

Chile is the “testbed” for the neurorights legislation and the related constitutional amendment, Webb said.  Chile is the first country in the world to legislate neurorights which gained the support of the 25 most important neuroscientists in the world who are part of the BRAIN Project.

Interestingly, the Chilean neurorights legislation not was written by a Chilean.  It was written by Rafael Yuste, a Spanish-American neuroscientist who is professor of biological and neuroscience at Columbia University (New York), co-ordinator of 650 international centers of the BRAIN Project, with deep ties to Silicon Valley and “one of Jeffrey Epstein’s best science pals,” Webb said, and “Microsoft is one of the major funders of the BRAIN Project, a public/private partnership.”

“Neurotechnology are scientific tools to read and alter the activity of neurons,” Yuste told a Chilean news outlet justifying why this legislation was necessary.  He continued (see image below):

Guido Girardi and Spanish neuroscientist Rafael Yuste will present constitutional reform to protect “neurorights”, Elm Strador, 2 October 2019

Senator Guido Girardi, president of the Senate’s Challenges of the Future Commission, said: “this is no longer science fiction, it is reality and it affects all of humanity. Chile can be the pilot country, the beachhead to discuss this issue at a global level that we believe is an urgent challenge we face, because one’s own thinking is the most fundamental human right.”

Adding a little more detail in November 2021, Elm Strador reported the Challenges of the Future Commission had unanimously approved the first law in the world that regulates direct neurotechnology which includes devices such as brain-brain or brain-machine interfaces that can “read thoughts, the unconscious and write ideas or feelings.”

On this occasion, Senator Girardi stated: ““neurotechnologies already exist that can read the unconscious, or put emotions, thoughts, ideas, feelings, things that people have not experienced, into the brain. This is not Black Mirror, this is not science fiction, this is reality.”

“This is about regulating and creating the legal conditions to open up a market of that technology,” Webb said.

Since Chile has moved forward with its neurorights legislation, its progress in Spain has begun. “The Spanish Digital Rights Charter – recently announced by the Secretary of State of Digitalisation and AI from the Government of Spain – represents another pioneering effort to explore the human rights landscape of the digital era and incorporates the five proposed neuro-rights enumerated above,” the Centre for International Relations and Sustainable Development (“CIRSD”) wrote in the winter (northern hemisphere) of 2021.

To listen to Webb’s podcast (audio only) click on the image below.

Whitney Webb: Neurorights and Neuromarkets, 19 February 2022 (85 mins)

Show notes for Webb’s podcast above can be found on Unlimited Hangout HERE.

Discrimination Against Mutants and Genetically Modified Individuals Bill

Why is Chile passing anti-discrimination laws for mutants and genetically altered individuals or genetically modified organisms (“GMOs”)?  Is it because there is, or will soon be, a significant number of people who are no longer human but transgenic or transhuman beings?  How has it come to be that there are genetically mutated or transhumans amongst us?

There have been numerous warnings that the experimental mRNA injections modify the human genome, that they are gene therapy and not a “vaccine.” Covid injections are mutagenic, meaning they permanently alter human DNA.

In May 2020, 160 doctors gathered in London to express their disapproval of Covid injections because they change our DNA; and, at the time, 20% of test subjects were already seriously injured by the “vaccine.”

The vaccine they are making is a ribonucleic acid (“RNA”) vaccine, and it would be the first time this type of vaccine has been used. RNA basically rewrites our DNA, Dr Rashid Buttar, an osteopathic physician and author, explained during London Real’s round table.

To watch the highlights on Bitchute from the round table click on the image below. Dr. Buttar discusses “vaccines” from timestamp 8:05 mins.

Highlights from Dr. Rashid Buttar Hosts a Doctor’s Covid-19 Roundtable – 100 Voices Strong, 21 May 2020 (40 mins)

More than six months ago, Dr. Chinda Brandolino, An Argentine forensic physician, warned that accepting an experimental mRNA injection would change the recipient’s genome and that the person subjected to this experimental drug would loses his/her human rights.

Last year Argentine legislation cited the rights of “human persons” which raised some questions. Dr. Brandolino pointed out that this was the legal prelude to a distinction between “human persons” and “transhuman persons”. Genetically modified people, says Dr. Brandolino, will belong to the owners of the technology and will not have the same rights as “human” people.

In the video below a 3-minute edited clip of Dr. Brandolino’s speech at the World Freedom Forum begins at timestamp 10:41.

To watch the video on Bitchute click on the image below.

World Freedom Forum: Experts Gather for Freedom and Knowledge, Sitges, Spain, 24-26 June 2021 (22 mins)

The plans to modify and own humans may have been in the making for longer than we realise.

Complimentary DNA (“cDNA”) is a form of DNA artificially synthesised from a mRNA template.  It is used in genetic engineering to produce gene clones. In 2013 the US Supreme Court ruled cDNA could be patented: “the lab technician unquestionably creates something new when cDNA is made”. 

The 2013 ruling is important in the context of Covid because it means the synthetic genes encoded in the injections, and consequently the spike protein manufactured within people’s bodies, are owned by the patent holder and can be pursued for private gain. 

Additionally, if the genetic code for the spike protein integrates into human DNA, in legal terms, it is possible that people altered by it would be considered GMOs – who are patented and could be placed under license agreements the terms of which could be negotiated without their knowledge.

And it may not only be the RNA in the Covid injections that alter human DNA.  DNA crystals have been found by Dr. Pablo Campra in Pfizer injection vials. Mik Andersen from Corona2Inspect has also been investigating the DNA crystals and, most recently, La Quinta Columna has observed how those crystals send signals to generate “life-forms.”

Did we give consent for any of this to be done? No.

We have been created sovereign human beings.  It has become obvious they will try to trick us rather than ask for permission.  Do not allow them to modify you.  Do not allow them to own you.  We are not “individuals,” we are people, we are human.  Step into your sovereignty and celebrate your humanity.

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