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The ‘Long Covid’ Fraud

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The UK Government says that there are now officially 1.3 million people in Britain suffering from long covid – and that the figure is rising fast.

By Dr Vernon Coleman

A report from the US suggests that around 12 million Americans are alleged to have long covid.

Brainwashed covid enthusiasts now claim that up to 12% of all those who have had covid still have symptoms 12 weeks later – and nearly half of all long covid sufferers have symptoms a year later. Long covid is the biggest single reason for inefficiency, falling production levels and staff shortages. It is a big reason for the collapsing global economy and for soaring inflation. That’s what Governments claim and it’s rather odd because the biggest and most significant research into long covid, conducted in France, concluded that long covid is about as real as a mare’s nest and the Loch Ness Monster. It is largely a psychological problem rather than a real physical disease.

The fact checkers disapproved of the research, of course, but they live in cloud cuckoo land where covid-19 is a deadly plague, the jabs are safe and effective and every Christmas Eve, Klaus Schwab straps on a white beard and becomes Father Christmas.

So, if long covid doesn’t exist what is going on?

Why do millions of people claim to be suffering from it and why do governments agree with their self diagnoses? Many of these long covid ‘sufferers’ will never go back to work.

But as I have proved many times, official government figures prove that there was never a covid pandemic. Covid-19 was merely the ordinary flu, rebranded and given a huge marketing budget.

There was never a covid pandemic but now we have a global long covid pandemic.

Before going on it is important to understand that it has been recognised for decades that the ordinary flu can occasionally leave patients feel physically weak and depressed. Post viral fatigue syndrome (long flu, if you like) is real but it is relatively uncommon and, compared to long covid, it tends to be short lived.

So, why have they created this fake disease?

First, we have to remember that governments handed out huge sums of money to allow millions to stay at home for 2020 and 2021. If you have been paid to stay at home and do nothing for a year it is difficult to get out of the habit of getting up at 10.00 am and spending the day watching TV or playing computer games.

None of this was accidental, of course.

The absurd schemes whereby governments gave healthy people huge sums of money to do nothing were deliberately designed to help wreck the global economy. Governments have deliberately created an army of malingerers who have got used to the idea of being paid to do absolutely nothing. It’s the beginning of the universal basic income – a critical part of the great reset.

Long covid was tailor made for malingerers who also happen to have been turned into hypochondriacs.

Second, governments have welcomed the growth in the number of alleged covid sufferers because it helps make people afraid of the rebranded flu – and accept the jabs which are dishonestly promoted as preventing it.

Third, governments know that if a huge chunk of the workforce stays at home the disruption and the cost will severely damage the economy. And that, of course, is part of the plan. Destroying the global economy is the reason for the absurd, destructive and unsustainable net zero project – abandoning fossil fuels and replacing oil, gas and coal with inefficient solar power, wind power and, most absurd of all, biomass. (It’s also the reason for the manufactured wars which are going to be a permanent part of our lives.)

Fourth, and this is crucial, the false long covid disease is an excellent cover for the injuries caused by the covid-19 jabs. Remember, long covid only appeared after people in trials were given the covid-19 jabs.

And just look at the problems known to be caused by the jabs and by long covid.

Here are ten of the commonest side effects associated with the covid-19 jabs. These just happen to be ten of the commonest symptoms associated with long covid: heart problems, stroke, clotting disorders, joint pains, convulsions and other neurological problems, Bell’s palsy, Guillain Barre syndrome, autoimmune disease, respiratory problems, mental health troubles and fatigue.

The problems caused by long covid are exactly the same as the problems caused by the covid jabs.

Naturally, the mainstream media won’t discuss or debate any of this. Governments, advisors, journalists and the medical profession all follow the same line – they are all conspirators and all part of the conspiracy.

Anyone who dares to look at the evidence – and expose the truth – will be dismissed as a conspiracy theorist and banned from sharing their views.

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