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The Truth behind Ukraine-Russia War That Mainstream Media Refusing to Talk About – Opinion

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By Editor Kanan Alibayov (Silk Road Introduction, Part1):

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Ukraine-Russia war is not an isolated event neither is it as simple as NATO advancing into Russian doorstep. There is another factor that mainstream media is refusing to talk about which is China’s MEGA Belt Road initiative project that connects 145 countries as part of the Belt and Road initiative project out of 195 countries worldwide which became partly operational in recent years.

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The MEGA Belt and Road initiative project is also known as Silk Road was unveiled by general secretary of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and paramount leader Xi Jinping in September and October 2013 during visits to Kazakhstan and Indonesia.

BRI is a global infrastructure development strategy adopted by the Chinese government. It is considered a centerpiece of the Chinese leaderXi Jinping‘s foreign policy. The BRI forms a central component of Xi’s “Major Country Diplomacy” strategy, which calls for China to assume a greater leadership role for global affairs in accordance with its rising power and status.

Belt and Road Initiative infrastructure investments include ports, skyscrapers, railroads, roads, bridges, airports, dams, coal-fired power stations, and railroad tunnels.

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As early as December 2013, the then Ukrainian president Yanukovych responded positively to China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), making the country the first one in Europe that has announced its support for the initiative which followed by political crisis and military conflicts, that broke out in Ukraine in 2014, Ukraine still had successfully opened up the Chinese market through a series of documents prior to the event, including the China-Ukraine Strategic Partnership Development Plan (2014-2018), the Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation between the People’s Republic of China and Ukraine and the Joint Statement of the People’s Republic of China and Ukraine on Further Deepening the Strategic Partnership, leaving a huge political asset for the next Ukrainian government as US ally President Zelenskyy took power in 2019 after Petro Poroshenko to ultimately stand against Russia and China.

I’m planning on writing series of comprehensive articles pertaining this subject.
MY Next Articles will be on:



May be an image of map and text that says 'KAZAKHSTAN MONGOLIA MONGOLIA Xinjiang IRAN CHINA The strategic location of Xinjiang at the centre of the Belt and Road initiative makes it a prime target for US-led imperialist attempts to'

Water Trade:

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Why Russia is confident in being Cut off from Western world, SWIFT system and be treated worse than Iran?:

Brexit: United Kingdom’s Belt and Road Initiative strategy

China's Moves Into Europe As Belt & Road Initiative Migrates West - Silk  Road Briefing

Africa has a more positive view of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) than anywhere else outside China. In January 2021 Botswana became the 46th African nation to sign up to it.

and so on….

…crumbling lol China just won entire Russia…

Table of countries of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)

The following table provides an overview of the countries of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). The field income group is according to the World Bank categorization. The * denotes that we could not find independent information about the signature of a Memorandum of Understanding to become an official “country of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

AfghanistanSouth AsiaLow income
AlbaniaEurope & Central AsiaUpper middle income
AlgeriaMiddle East & North AfricaUpper middle income
AngolaSub-Saharan AfricaLower middle income
Antigua and BarbudaLatin America & CaribbeanHigh income
ArgentinaLatin America & CaribbeanUpper middle income
ArmeniaEurope & Central AsiaUpper middle income
Austria*Europe & Central AsiaHigh income
AzerbaijanEurope & Central AsiaUpper middle income
BahrainMiddle East & North AfricaHigh income
BangladeshSouth AsiaLower middle income
BarbadosLatin America & CaribbeanHigh income
BelarusEurope & Central AsiaUpper middle income
Benin*Sub-Saharan AfricaLow income
BoliviaLatin America & CaribbeanLower middle income
Bosnia and HerzegovinaEurope & Central AsiaUpper middle income
BotswanaSub-Saharan AfricaUpper middle income
Brunei DarussalamEast Asia & PacificHigh income
BulgariaEurope & Central AsiaUpper middle income
BurundiSub-Saharan AfricaLow income
Cabo VerdeSub-Saharan AfricaLower middle income
CambodiaEast Asia & PacificLower middle income
CameroonSub-Saharan AfricaLower middle income
ChadSub-Saharan AfricaLow income
ChileLatin America & CaribbeanHigh income
ChinaEast Asia & PacificUpper middle income
Comoros*Sub-Saharan AfricaLow income
Congo, Dem. Rep.Sub-Saharan AfricaLow income
Congo, Rep.*Sub-Saharan AfricaLower middle income
Cook IslandsEast Asia & PacificUpper middle income
Costa RicaLatin America & CaribbeanUpper middle income
Côte d’IvoireSub-Saharan AfricaLower middle income
CroatiaEurope & Central AsiaHigh income
CubaLatin America & CaribbeanUpper middle income
CyprusEurope & Central AsiaHigh income
Czech RepublicEurope & Central AsiaHigh income
DjiboutiMiddle East & North AfricaLower middle income
Dominica*Latin America & CaribbeanLow income
Dominican RepublicLatin America & CaribbeanUpper middle income
EcuadorLatin America & CaribbeanUpper middle income
Egypt, Arab Rep.Middle East & North AfricaLower middle income
El SalvadorLatin America & CaribbeanLower middle income
Equatorial GuineaSub-Saharan AfricaUpper middle income
EritreaSub-Saharan AfricaLow income
EstoniaEurope & Central AsiaHigh income
EthiopiaSub-Saharan AfricaLow income
FijiEast Asia & PacificUpper middle income
GabonSub-Saharan AfricaUpper middle income
Gambia, TheSub-Saharan AfricaLow income
GeorgiaEurope & Central AsiaLower middle income
GhanaSub-Saharan AfricaLower middle income
GreeceEurope & Central AsiaHigh income
GrenadaLatin America & CaribbeanUpper middle income
GuineaSub-Saharan AfricaLow income
Guinea-BissauSub-Saharan AfricaLow income
GuyanaLatin America & CaribbeanUpper middle income
HungaryEurope & Central AsiaHigh income
IndonesiaEast Asia & PacificLower middle income
Iran, Islamic Rep.Middle East & North AfricaUpper middle income
IraqMiddle East & North AfricaUpper middle income
ItalyEurope & Central AsiaHigh income
JamaicaLatin America & CaribbeanUpper middle income
KazakhstanEurope & Central AsiaUpper middle income
KenyaSub-Saharan AfricaLower middle income
KiribatiEast Asia & PacificLower middle income
Korea, Rep.East Asia & PacificHigh income
KuwaitMiddle East & North AfricaHigh income
Kyrgyz RepublicEurope & Central AsiaLower middle income
Lao PDREast Asia & PacificLower middle income
LatviaEurope & Central AsiaHigh income
LebanonMiddle East & North AfricaUpper middle income
LesothoSub-Saharan AfricaLower middle income
LiberiaSub-Saharan AfricaLow income
LibyaMiddle East & North AfricaUpper middle income
LithuaniaEurope & Central AsiaHigh income
LuxembourgEurope & Central AsiaHigh income
MadagascarSub-Saharan AfricaLow income
MalaysiaEast Asia & PacificUpper middle income
MaldivesSouth AsiaUpper middle income
MaliSub-Saharan AfricaLow income
MaltaMiddle East & North AfricaHigh income
MauritaniaSub-Saharan AfricaLower middle income
Micronesia, Fed. Sts.East Asia & PacificLower middle income
MoldovaEurope & Central AsiaLower middle income
MongoliaEast Asia & PacificLower middle income
MontenegroEurope & Central AsiaUpper middle income
MoroccoMiddle East & North AfricaLower middle income
MozambiqueSub-Saharan AfricaLow income
MyanmarEast Asia & PacificLower middle income
NamibiaSub-Saharan AfricaUpper middle income
NepalSouth AsiaLow income
New ZealandEast Asia & PacificHigh income
NicaraguaLatin America & CaribbeanLower middle income
Niger*Sub-Saharan AfricaLow income
NigeriaSub-Saharan AfricaLower middle income
NiueEast Asia & PacificLower middle income
North MacedoniaEurope & Central AsiaUpper middle income
OmanMiddle East & North AfricaHigh income
PakistanSouth AsiaLower middle income
PanamaLatin America & CaribbeanHigh income
Papua New GuineaEast Asia & PacificLower middle income
PeruLatin America & CaribbeanUpper middle income
PhilippinesEast Asia & PacificLower middle income
PolandEurope & Central AsiaHigh income
PortugalEurope & Central AsiaHigh income
QatarMiddle East & North AfricaHigh income
RomaniaEurope & Central AsiaUpper middle income
Russian Federation*Europe & Central AsiaUpper middle income
RwandaSub-Saharan AfricaLow income
SamoaEast Asia & PacificUpper middle income
Saudi ArabiaMiddle East & North AfricaHigh income
SenegalSub-Saharan AfricaLow income
SerbiaEurope & Central AsiaUpper middle income
SeychellesSub-Saharan AfricaHigh income
Sierra LeoneSub-Saharan AfricaLow income
SingaporeEast Asia & PacificHigh income
Slovak RepublicEurope & Central AsiaHigh income
SloveniaEurope & Central AsiaHigh income
Solomon IslandsEast Asia & PacificLower middle income
SomaliaSub-Saharan AfricaLow income
South AfricaSub-Saharan AfricaUpper middle income
South SudanSub-Saharan AfricaLow income
Sri LankaSouth AsiaLower middle income
SudanSub-Saharan AfricaLower middle income
SurinameLatin America & CaribbeanUpper middle income
Syrian Arab RepublicMiddle East & North AfricaLow income
TajikistanEurope & Central AsiaLow income
TanzaniaSub-Saharan AfricaLow income
ThailandEast Asia & PacificUpper middle income
Timor-LesteEast Asia & PacificLower middle income
TogoSub-Saharan AfricaLow income
TongaEast Asia & PacificUpper middle income
Trinidad and TobagoLatin America & CaribbeanHigh income
TunisiaMiddle East & North AfricaLower middle income
TurkeyEurope & Central AsiaUpper middle income
UgandaSub-Saharan AfricaLow income
UkraineEurope & Central AsiaLower middle income
United Arab EmiratesMiddle East & North AfricaHigh income
UruguayLatin America & CaribbeanHigh income
UzbekistanEurope & Central AsiaLower middle income
VanuatuEast Asia & PacificLower middle income
Venezuela, RBLatin America & CaribbeanUpper middle income
VietnamEast Asia & PacificLower middle income
Yemen, Rep.Middle East & North AfricaLow income
ZambiaSub-Saharan AfricaLower middle income
ZimbabweSub-Saharan AfricaLow income
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[…] The Truth behind Ukraine-Russia War That Mainstream Media Refusing to Talk About – Opinion Geopolitics […]

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