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Brazil, France [Feb 26] Masses against Covid mandates and restrictions

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26.02.2022 Rio de Janeiro RJ Brazil.. Beija-Flor samba school Carnival .. In Rio de Janeiro, carnival was banned by the state governor and the mayor of the city of RJ .. today the city has more than 80 carnival blocks in the streets and beaches of RJ. The police try to demobilize the blocks but the revelers end up dodging the inspection.

26.02.22 City of Samba Rio de Janeiro RJ Brazil .. Carnival in the city of Rio de Janeiro was banned due to the covid pandemic .. in the city, in many places they are demanding the sanitary passport ..

26.02.2022 Paris France

Ukraine-Russia No War Rally

Russia/Ukraine – Agree or disagree on whatever – no one should be locked up for disagreeing/protesting – 2,800 anti-war protesters were arrested on Sunday in 54 cities in Russia, including nearly 1,300 in Moscow. In total nearly 6,000 protesters against the War in Ukraine have been arrested over the past four days.
These are also the people that are impacted by sanctions that some may support
Police are detaining anti-war protesters in Moscow
NO SIDE PICKING… LET’S NOT FORGET WORLD WAR STARTED WITH COVID RESTRICTIONS AND MANDATORY JABS.. While some ordinary people (EU, UK, USA) are protesting to end the war in Ukraine, their governments are doing everything to fuel and prolong conflict
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