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What can go wrong with arming Ukrainian Prisoners and Gang members with military grade weapons to hunt down random civilians? – Forum

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Latest SHOCKING move by the desperate Kiev Regime:
🔴 Hardened criminals who have served time for murder and robbery are being released from prisons throughout Ukraine.
🔴This was confirmed by official representative of the DNR Eduard Basurin.
🔴”In Kiev, an hour after the released criminals were armed, they scattered around the city in search of profit.
🔴”Ukrainian social media is bursting with graphic content of armed criminals gangs massacring civilians,” said Eduard Basurin.
🔴He noted that the Ukrainian militants are inflicting massive losses on the civilian population.
The Ukrainian Government has released prisoners from jails and armed them.
⚠️Kiev is descending into Chaos as unidentified armed groups rob shops, houses and kill each other.
Repeat: The fighting is not the Russian army it’s becoming a civilian civil war.
🔴The Kiev Government is to blame for this!
🔥Graphic Content warning.
⚠️Kiev Regime handing out thousands of AK-74 machine guns to Civilians:
🔴Kiev descends into Chaos as armed Ukrainian civilian gangs roam the streets killing innocent people.
🔴Watch how the shooter pulls out his phone and films the kid die after shooting him in the back…
🇦🇺Australian PM Scott Morrison is sending more weapons to the Kiev Regime. Nice one Scotty from marketing – send more weapons! What a disaster.
Civilians Being Ar

Israeli man shot dead as convoy escaping Kyiv comes under mistaken Ukrainian fire

Ukrainian troops have shot and killed an Israeli man trying to flee the country during the Russian military operation, sources in Tel Aviv confirmed on Monday.

Israeli media reported that Roman Brodsky, who had been living in Ukraine for the past few years, was fired upon at a roadblock 95km (59 miles) south of Kiev, as he was trying to escape by car to Moldova. The man was described as a father of two and a DJ.

The Haaretz newspaper said the Ukrainians had apparently mistaken Brodsky for someone else. Several outlets reported that he was killed by soldiers, while others said he was shot by militia members. Ukraine has been actively arming civilians and prisoners, urging them to stay on the lookout for groups of “Russian saboteurs” infiltrating cities.

“They thought he was Chechen or something and killed him,” the man’s father was quoted as saying.

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