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13th BRICS Summit

BRICS is an acronym for 5 emerging economies of the world & represents 41% of the world’s population & 21% GDP BRICS stance ON UKRAINE:🇧🇷


🇺🇦 Zelenskyy the Actor That Became the Ukrainian President

The Propaganda War – Dr Vernon Coleman

By Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc I strongly suspect that most people still don’t understand just how much they have been manipulated over the

Watch Ukrainian militants seize priest

Harrowing footage reportedly shows Homeland Defense fighters arresting a priest in Ukraine’s Cherkassy region. The video is said to show a temple of the Ukrainian

Minister of Defense briefing – 29 March 2022

“Overall the main objectives of phase 1 of the military operation are accomplished.” The majority of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, particularly military units of technology

Map of gas supplies to Europe

The figures inside the arrows are gas supplies in billion cubic meters per year. From Russia to Europe – 153 billion cubic meters;From Algeria to

Why Flat Earthers are step ahead?

Flat earthers accepted the deception at it’s true scale and they understand how programmable we are by nature. The Next Pandemic Is Just Around The

Meme of the day – Russian cosmonauts in colors of Ukrainian flag

Daylight| Seasons| Timezones |Sunsets| Eclipses| Stars| Solar Eclipse |Lunar Eclipses |Sonnenfinsternis| Mondfinsternis |Stars|Planets Flat|Stationary Earth|Firmament| Dome|Stars|Magnetic Field| Frequencies| Water above the Firmament |Vault |Sun|Moon|Perspective|Fluid Space|Atmosphere|Schumann

The Fluoride Deception

Award-Winning Journalist Christopher Bryson Examines One of The Great Secret Narratives of The Industrial Period; How A Highly Toxic Poison and The Most Damaging Environmental

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