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WW3: “Russian occupation forces are trying to capture the Chernobyl plant… This is a declaration of war on the whole of Europe” – Zelensky (Exclusive Videos)

Biden orders 7,000 US troops to Germany amid Ukraine crisis

Russian troops ‘trying to seize’ Chernobyl nuclear power plant, Zelensky claims

The Ukrainian president says fighting has been raging in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, site of the 1986 nuclear disaster

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky tweeted on Thursday evening that Russian troops are trying to capture the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in the northern part of the Kiev Region. The plant was the site of the 1986 disaster, which caused massive contamination of the surrounding area and parts of Europe.

Over 111,000 Refugees From Donbass Crossed Russian Border Amid Shelling, Source in Russian Emergency Services Tells Sputnik

NOW – Anti-war protest in Putin’s hometown St. Petersburg.

Videos purportedly show Russian offensive against Ukraine

Anti War Protest

People Hiding underground from shelling

Fuel Shortage and Traffic


Сообщение Погранкомитета Украины

(GRAPHIC VIDEO) The corpse of a Russian soldier was found in Akhtyrka.

Ukraine evacuating Moscow embassy

The announcement came hours after Russian forces launched an attack on the country

Ukraine has ordered the evacuation of its diplomats from Moscow, hours after Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a “special operation” in the Donbass and Russian forces struck at sites across the country.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs made the announcement on its website on Thursday morning, writing that it had “recalled Ukraine’s charge d’affaires in Russia, Vasily Pokatilo, back to Kiev for consultations, and begun the evacuation of the Ukrainian embassy in Moscow.”

Telegram experiencing outages in Europe

The messaging app is facing an “unprecedented” user load due to the ongoing events in Ukraine

Messaging app Telegram is suffering outages owing to “unprecedented” user demand for its services in Europe, following Russia’s attack on Ukraine on Thursday morning, according to founder and CEO Pavel Durov.

“Due to today’s events, the European Telegram cluster is facing an unprecedented load. As a result, some users may experience intermittent short-term outages in a number of Telegram services,” Durov said on his own Telegram channel. 

The tech mogul said he was aware that many people were in dire need of reliable communications with their loved ones after the morning’s events. Read more Erdogan takes stance on Russia’s Ukraine offensive

“We will do our best to keep the speed of sending and receiving messages high,” he added.

The Kremlin website, as well as most Russian government websites, are down

Crypto Price Crash – $500 Billion Wiped Off in One Week (Forbes)

Bitcoin and other major currencies have fallen sharply Thursday as Russia announced a ‘special military operation’ in Donbass.

Top ten crypto prices all fell around 10% with bitcoin hovering just over and under $35,000.

Cryptos crash amid global turmoil

Bitcoin has fallen by nearly 11% in a day

Bitcoin led the cryptocurrency market lower on Thursday, following a nosedive of traditional stocks, with investors seeking safer assets as the conflict between Russia and Ukraine heats up.

The largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin crashed below $35,000, constituting a loss of value of nearly 11% in a single day. The token has since recovered slightly, but over the past week the top crypto has shed more than 20% of its value.

The price of other major cryptocurrencies also tumbled. The Ethereum exchange rate fell by over 10% to $2,400, and XRP lost over 10% and is now trading at $0.64 per token.

Gold (yellow) and Bitcoin (turquoise) overnight. 😱

UK’s Johnson announces raft of new sanctions on Russia, bans Aeroflot

UK Publishes New Russia Sanctions

UK prime minister is pushing “very hard” for Russia to be ejected from global SWIFT payments system.

UK prime minister Boris Johnson is pushing for Russia to be removed from the Swift international payment system after president Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine on Thursday.

The potential move comes as possible sanctions against Moscow, and would come as a heavy blow to Russia if carried through, affecting its ability to trade beyond its borders.

Despite warnings against the move from German chancellor Olaf Scholz, British officials have said the PM is “very keen”, and “pushing it very hard”.

EU leaders are set to meet on Thursday evening in Brussels to discuss the bloc’s sanctions package.

Switzerland imposes sanctions against three Russian banks and 361 deputies of the Russian Duma, President of the Swiss Confederation Ignazio Cassis announces.

MoD: Russian Military Have Disabled 83 Ukrainian Land-Based Targets Since Beginning of Special Op

US F-35 Fighter Jets Arrive in Lithuania Amid NATO Troop Deployment on Bloc’s Eastern Borders

“In Lithuania, on February 24, armed US F-35 military aircraft landed at the air base of the Lithuanian Army Air Force in Siauliai, where additional US military forces are deployed. In response to the current security situation, the US has also taken an important and necessary decision – the rotation of the heavy 3-66 armor battalion continues in Lithuania”, the Lithuanian Defence Ministry said in a statement.

Check For Details to follow


Putin’s made a direct appeal to the military forces of Ukraine in his early Thursday speech

RT – The Russian President had a message to the armed forces of Ukraine as he announced a ‘special military operation’ in Donbass – tells them:

▪️ Your fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers did not fight defending our common homeland for “today’s neo-Nazis to seize power”

▪️ You took an oath of allegiance to the Ukrainian people – “not to the anti-people junta that robs it and mocks your country”

▪️ Putin urged Ukraine’s forces to immediately lay down your arms and go home

▪️ The Russian president assured all servicemen of the Ukrainian army who make this decision will be able to leave the combat zone without hindrance

▪️ All responsibility for the bloodshed will be “on the conscience of the ruling regime of Ukraine”

    Fake 9/11: Eye opening videos

    General Wesley 9/11 ‘General Wesley Clark discusses the “Project For The New American Century”, which was written one year before 9/11. It mentioned needing a

    Who is pumping Ukraine with weapons

    Top donors of military support (over 30 billion euros in total): USA with €23.96bnBritain 2.38 billion eurosPoland 1.7 billion eurosGermany 1.39bn euros US: M777 howitzers

    Ukraine admits major defeat

    Zelensky’s adviser admits loss of Liman, major Ukrainian stronghold in Donbass Russian troops have taken over the town of Liman in the northern Donetsk region,

    Today’s Must-Reads – 25 May 2022

    Covid Nature – Multisystem involvement is common in post-COVID-19 syndrome. PubMed – Atomic force microscopy analysis of native infectious and inactivated SARS-CoV-2 virions. Independent – Fears of long-Covid

    Russia Moves to Withdraw From WHO, WTO

    Proposals for ending membership in the international organizations have been sent to the parliament RT – Russia’s lower house of parliament, the State Duma, is

    Biden seeks $33B for Ukraine

    Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has warned the West of a “lightning fast” response to any country that intervenes in its war against Ukraine war and

    Poland seizes Russian gas assets

    Energy producer Novatek has been ordered to hand over its transmission infrastructure to the country’s state-owned firms RT – Warsaw has obliged the Polish subsidiary

    Top 10 Stories of April 23, 2022

    Zelensky Says He’ll Meet the U.S. Secretary of State and Pentagon Chief in Kyiv Tomorrow — They will be the highest-ranking U.S. officials to visit

    Top 10 Stories of April 21, 2022

    Putin Says Mariupol is “Liberated,” Calls Off Assault on Steel Plant — Instead of the assault, Putin ordered the steel plant to be put under

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