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Vaccine ‘Hesitancy’ REDUCED Florida Infant Mortality in 2021

Although many people predicted that the pandemic could spawn a rise in children’s deaths as they missed their routine vaccinations, in Florida in 2021 infants’ and children’s deaths actually went down.

This, even though routine infant vaccinations plummeted from 93.4% previously to only 79.3% in 2021. Experts attributed the lack of shots to parents’ “vaccine hesitancy” and called it alarming, but made no mention of why the death rate went down 8.93% at the same time.

As Igor Chudov writes in his online blog, “This is very puzzling … Why does a massive decrease in childhood vaccination rate coincide with a massive decline in infant mortality?”

If nothing else, Florida is a huge case study of vaccinations versus child and infant deaths, he says: “In plain language, it means that ABOUT HALF THE INFANT DEATHS IN FLORIDA MAY BE CAUSED BY VACCINATIONS,” he says..

“For example, in 2020, 1,356 infants died in Florida. If the hypothesis is true and about half of these deaths were caused by vaccination, it means that 678 Florida infants died due to childhood vaccination in 2020.”

SOURCE: Igor Chudov Newsletter March 14, 2021

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