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Passing Observations 96 – Dr Vernon Coleman

This is a long standing series of small items which have caught my eye or mind and which seem relevant, startling, amusing or all three. Occasionally, items which appear here may return as a longer piece. Mostly they will not.

By Dr Vernon Coleman

  1. Don’t trust anyone who works for the government. That includes doctors and journalists.
  2. In a supermarket the other day there was a huge queue at one till. Every one of the shoppers in the queue was wearing a mask. There were two staffed tills nearby which were completely empty. The mask wearers have become very, very stupid.
  3. Recycling was a training programme designed to turn citizens into compliant morons.
  4. We are not conspiracy theorists. We are exposers of conspiracies.
  5. This isn’t a war we can win with lawyers. The enemy controls all the courts, all the judges and most of the lawyers. And the money.
  6. It is largely the young who collaborate. It is the young who see no problem in abandoning privacy. It is the young who like paying for things with their mobile phones. It is the young who like having their lives run by apps. It is the young who trust computers. It is the young who trust their government. It is the young who will lose this war for us.
  7. Eternal paranoia is the price of freedom.
  8. Why is it that so many noisy supporters of Scotland and Scottish Independence never actually live there, do everything they can to avoid paying tax in the UK and rarely even go to Scotland?
  9. There is a Formula 1 race in Saudi Arabia on Sunday 27th March 2022. Why is it perfectly OK to race cars in Saudi Arabia but not OK to buy oil and food we need from Russia? Those who don’t understand the question should simply look at what is happening in Yemen. Why haven’t teams and drivers refused to go there?
  10. A seven square metre flat in the east of London sold for £90,000. I measured it out. The flat is the size of our hearth rug.
  11. Harry and Meghan are as pointless as topiary.
  12. One of the libel barristers who represented me died the other day. Charles Gray advised me when a policeman sued me for libel. It was almost, but not quite, the silliest and most pointless libel action of my life. Thank you, Mr Gray.
  13. Almost all medical research is performed by, or on behalf of, people or companies who have a vested interest in the results of the research which is being conducted. This, of course, invalidates the research.
  14. Fact checkers are well paid to find facts and to then denounce them and lie about them.
  15. Wikipedia, Google and YouTube are edited and controlled by conspirators and liars and their purpose is to serve the corrupt.
  16. After the Scottish Government decided that school children could change sex without a doctor’s approval I wrote this: ‘Boys will doubtless change into girls on Thursdays so that they can use the girls’ changing rooms for PT classes. And then they’ll change back again on Fridays so that they can play football and avoid the 21st century equivalent of domestic science.’ The article was picked up by The Expose. Here’s what one of their readers wrote: ‘…you freaked out about boys being boys etc which shows an idiot bias and lack of scientific knowledge (we are all on a spectrum) and…(has) nothing to do with the Great Reset.’ Oh dear. My comment was what used to be called a joke (something pretty well forbidden these days) but allowing children to choose sex has everything to do with the Great Reset and I’m afraid that anyone who doesn’t understand that doesn’t understand anything.
  17. Three billion PPE gloves bought by the British Government for use during the fake pandemic were made by slave labour. The Department of Health’s director-general for finance has admitted that the Government now has 6.5 billion PPE items which cannot be used because they do not meet the required standards. Most of the unwanted and un-useable PPE material will be burnt – thereby producing lots of toxic, unhealthy smoke. No one working for the Government has been disciplined or charged with any crime for wasting so much public money. The total wasted is £10 billion.
  18. Parents keep their children at home these days when it is windy. In 1963 I remember trudging several miles to and from school in snow that was so deep that it came over the top of my wellington boots. And I sat all day wearing soaking wet trousers. I managed to dry my socks by putting them on top of the radiator where they steamed all day long. Global warming had not been invented in 1963 so it was widely assumed that it was just a spell of cold weather.
  19. An American golfer called Phil Mickelson accused the Saudis of ‘having a horrible human rights record’ and said that ‘the Saudis are scary motherfuckers to be involved with.’ Rory McIlroy, a golfer from Northern Ireland, is reported to have declared that Mickelson was ‘naïve, selfish, egotistical and ignorant’. No comment.
  20. I received a packet today. On the side of the packet there was one of the square barcode things and alongside it the words ‘Scan me to see where your parcel travelled’. I fear that some people just don’t have enough to do with their lives.

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