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Open Letter to Piers Morgan – Dr Vernon Coleman 

Dear Piers

I see you have a new show on a new station called TalkTV. Congratulations on that but it must be disappointing to see that your latest viewing figures are down to just over 60,000. You could probably stand in the middle of Piccadilly and reach more people with a megaphone.

I think I can help you by explaining what your problem is.

As you may have noticed, your show is called ‘Piers Morgan Uncensored’. I think that could be where the difficulty lies.

The trouble is with that word ‘uncensored’.

When you say that your show is ‘uncensored’ that’s what people expect.

But are you really uncensored?

Have you had anyone on your show explaining that the alleged covid-19 pandemic was a hoax – no worse than the average, ordinary flu?

Have you had anyone on your show to prove that the total number of deaths in 2020 was no more than in an average sort of year?

Have you had anyone on your show to explain that the lockdowns and the masks and the closed hospital departments will kill far more people than the rebranded flu?

Have you had anyone on your show to explain why the covid-19 jabs don’t work, and why they are killing thousands of people?

Have you had anyone on your show arguing that the jabs will kill more people than covid-19?

Have you had anyone on your show explaining why the PCR tests are utterly useless – and are causing serious health problems? They’re even killing people.

Have you had anyone on your show explaining that masks do more harm than good?

Have you had anyone on your show explaining that global warming is a fraud?

I could go on but I think you’re probably beginning to get the picture.

If you’re going to call your show ‘uncensored’ then you have to deal with these topics.

If you don’t then the viewers won’t bother to watch your programme.

And that’s probably why you end up with fewer viewers than I get for my videos on BrandNewTube where I provide the answers to all these questions – together with all the proof anyone could need.

I hope this helps.

Best wishes


P.S. Don’t be too upset. The other mainstream TV stations are also having trouble gathering viewers. The problem is that more and more people want the truth these days. If my videos got the sort of viewing figures that BBC news attracts I’d give up and try something else!

By Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc

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