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On the Vaccine Frontlines – Robert W Malone MD, MS

by Robert W Malone MD, MS

The Truth Is Coming Out About COVID Deaths The Epoch Times. Updated: March 2, 2022

Hospitals receive payments for testing every patient for COVID, every COVID diagnosis and every ‘COVID death,’ as well as any time they use remdesivir and mechanical ventilation.

This a great article, highly referenced.. It very accurately goes through history and malfeasance by our government and the hospitals. This article is a must read.

So let’s celebrate our wins!

Senate GOP votes to strike Biden’s vaccine rule for health care workers. The Hill March 2, 2022.

Senate Republicans on Wednesday voted to strike down President Biden’s vaccine mandate targeting health care workers, in a rebuke of the administration.

Senators voted 49-44 approving the GOP effort to nix the rule — a vote they were able to force under the Congressional Review Act.

Though no Democratic senators voted with Republicans to nix the rule, GOP senators were able to get it through the Senate because of Democratic absences. Six Democratic senators missed the vote. 

But the effort to nix the rule is facing headwinds. The CRA sets up a fast track process in the Senate, but it does not green-light the same procedure in the House.

If it made it to Biden’s desk, Democrats expect that he would veto it.  

“If it passes this won’t go anywhere in the House and President Biden would veto it,” a Senate Democratic aide said.

Thank you Senators for doing the right thing and voting for this win.

Yes, the House will probably vote down this measure and even if they don’t, President Biden would veto it. But given that the vaccinated transmit the virus in just as great of numbers, if not greater, then the unvaccinated, what is the point of mandatory vaccinations of health care workers? Well, there is no point, is there?

But more than that, at the height of the pandemic – back when we didn’t know what this virus was, unvaccinated health care workers put their lives on the line. They did the job, some died. Most garnered natural immunity. They all worked as hard as they could to protect their patients. Now, we have a mis-matched vaccine, which does not stop transmission, that has a large adverse event profile and does not prevent disease or death. Which, for some reason, our government is mandating that these same healthcare workers take against their will. This is not right.

Isn’t it up to each of us, to decide whether to take the jab or not.

Where there is risk, there must be choice.

It is certainly not the Federal government’s job to mandate it.

Correction, Mr. President: It’s a Deadly Pandemic of the Vaccinated Too.

By Clayton Fox, RealClearInvestigations March 2, 2022

Striking evidence comes from California, Georgia, and Illinois, where a third of people dying with COVID had been vaccinated – even some who had received a third booster shot. In the absence of publicly available federal data, the three states offer some of the best numbers on the post-vaccine impact of a pandemic that has claimed 950,000 American lives.  

Some health experts say such deaths were predictable. After all, initial reports on the Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson jabs promised vaccine efficacy rates in the 90%-plus range – not perfection. So even if a substantial percentage of the population is vaccinated, vaccinated people will still die. And the vaccines were designed to combat a strain of the virus before the delta and omicron variants appeared, suggesting the new scourges may have played a major role in the vaccines’ disappointing effectiveness…

Yet available state and other statistics suggest just that — at least when measured against the original Biden standard that the vaccinated “are not going to die”: The proportion of fully vaccinated and/or boosted deaths against the number of total deaths is substantial, and appears to have been gradually increasing in recent months at least in several states.

Of the eight states publishing detailed, so-called “breakthrough” death data on the vaccinated to the present, RealClearInvestigations found that Massachusetts – with a substantial 75% fully vaccinated rate – suffered the highest percentage of vaccinated deaths: 55% from January 1 to February 12, 2022.

Even a recent little-publicized and less comprehensive CDC report notes that among those 18 years of age or older across 25 U.S. jurisdictions, from early April to late December 2021, there were approximately 7 million COVID cases and 95,000 deaths among the unvaccinated, versus approximately 3 million cases and 23,000 deaths among the vaccinated. That one in five deaths were associated with the vaccinated, according to the study, suggests protection weaker than the public has been led to believe…

If nothing else, it seems clear that this is not a pandemic of the unvaccinated. A question that remains to be answered is whether public health officials had an obligation to be more forthright about the vaccines’ limitations.

So, not only do the vaccinated spread disease with the same frequency, if not greater, than the unvaccinated, the vaccinated also die from COVID-19. We can debate numbers, but it doesn’t really matter for the point to be made that the death rate in the vaccinated is significant. The vaccines aren’t working as promised.

My Biden’s words from last fall should ring a false note in the ears of Americans:

“For the unvaccinated, we are looking at a winter of severe illness and death. For themselves, their family and the hospital they’ll soon overwhelm,”

Welp, that didn’t happen.

Not only did that not happen, but remember when Biden ran on the campaign pledge that he would not mandate the vaccine?

You know, when President elect Joe Biden said this:

A reporter asked: “Should vaccines be mandatory”

“No, don’t think they should be made mandatory, I would not demand that they be made mandatory just like I do not believe that masks have to mandatory nationwide…”

So Biden lied. Just remember – this is the President.

Another pre-print paper just published that validates the synthetic mRNA found in the vaccines is not degrading and continues to produce protein.

In vitro Characterization of SARS-CoV-2 Protein Translated from the Moderna mRNA-1273 Vaccine In medRXiv , by Timothy Veenstra, Elisha Injeti, Bradley Pauley doi:

Of interest is that the authors of this article contacted Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech and asked about how much protein was expressed and the duration of expression in pre-clinical testing. This is the response they received:

In communications with Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech regarding the proteins expressed by their synthetic mRNA vaccines, each company’s medical information group disclosed that that they had not examined the protein dynamics more than 48 hours post-transfection in cell culture. Owing to its proprietary status, they would not disclose any information related to the nature of the protein that was expressed.

And there you have it. The FDA never required Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech to analyze duration or amount of protein expressed in cell culture after 48 hours, prior to injecting into humans. Let alone doing a thorough evaluation in either non-clinical animal models or in humans.

The paper goes on:

Cell lysates and supernatants were analyzed using western blotting to determine the size of protein expressed from the Spikevax vaccine mRNA (which has not been previously reported in the literature). Cell lysates and supernatants collected at 1, 3, 6, 12 and 24 hrs, and 5, 9, and 15 days, were analyzed using an ELISA and western blotting for presence of Spikevax-synthesized protein. Western blotting using a mouse monoclonal antibody from R&D Systems revealed three prominent bands at a molecular weight of approximately 180 kD (Figure 2), which can be seen most prominently in the cell lysates at 24 hours post-infection with the vaccine. The three bands with distinct molecular weights may arise from differential post-translational modifications (most likely glycosylation) that occurs as the proteins expressed from the mRNA vaccine are processed.

SARS-CoV-2 protein expression was detectable in cell lysates within 6 hours of treating the cells with the vaccine (Figure 2). Protein levels peaked at 24 hours and remained detectable over 5 days. No SARS-CoV-2 spike protein was detectable in the NIH 3T3 cell lysates after 12 days. The cell supernatants did not contain any detectable vaccine-induced protein

This paper validates again that the mRNA in these genetic vaccines are not degrading rapidly once inside cells and that the Moderna vaccine continues to produce protein up until 12 days after transfection in this in-vitro model. Of note: only two cell lines were tested.

Remember, natural mRNA degrades usually within 45 minutes and no longer than a few hours. That this synthetic mRNA is not degrading rapidly is extremely worrying. Particularly as we also know that the synthetic mRNA is immunosuppressive.

The cell paper quoted below also confirms that vaccine mRNA is not degrading and spike protein in lymph nodes is much more extensive than in the COVID-19 patent lymph nodes:

“The observed extended presence of vaccine mRNA and spike protein in vaccinee LN GCs (lymph node germinal centers) for up to 2 months after vaccination was in contrast to rare foci of viral spike protein in COVID-19 patient LNs”

The two papers together validate the findings that the synthetic mRNA is not degrading.

Having synthetic mRNA migrate to regions of the body and continue producing protein is not normal.

This new development has to be addressed by the FDA now.

Furthermore, According to the CDC, for as long as to six weeks after vaccination, lymph nodes can be so swollen that this result can be detected via mammogram. Due to this issue, many physicians advise waiting six weeks after taking the jab before getting a mammogram.

Now think about the fact that synthetic mRNA, which is producing spike protein can be found for at least two months after inoculation in lymph node germinal centers.

Coincidence? I think not. I certainly think that lymph node swelling and mRNA that is not degrading and has migrated to other regions, including LNs, needs to be investigated now. It is past time for more studies to be performed on the safety of these vaccines.

At the very least, these vaccines should not be administered to children and should not be mandated.

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