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NZ Ends Border Quarantine for Unvaccinated Citizens and Ends Vaccine Pass as Mandates End

Managed Isolation and Quarantine (MIQ) has published (Mar 18):

“The Government has agreed that unvaccinated New Zealand citizens, and those who are eligible to travel to New Zealand do not need to enter MIQ or to self-isolate. This change takes effect from 11.59pm on Friday 18 March.”

This also means that “those eligible unvaccinated arrivals who entered MIQ prior to 11.59pm on Friday 18 March will be released from MIQ.”

“Those who are eligible to travel to New Zealand” includes NZ citizens, but who else is not made clear.

MIQ states:

“Minimum vaccination requirements for travel to New Zealand will apply to non-New Zealand citizens, including permanent residents, unless they have an exemption.

Travellers entering New Zealand will still be required to undertake rapid antigen tests on days 0/1 and 5/6 and report the results.

Managed isolation and quarantine (MIQ) will be used in limited circumstances, by some refugees, arrivals from Afghanistan, maritime crew, and some international aircrew.

It was announced last week that MIQ will reduce to 4 facilities by the end of June 2022. This change to the border entry requirements further reflects the reduced demand for MIQ as we reopen our borders.”

New Zealand Prime Minister, Jacinda Kate Laurell Ardern, also announced (Mar 23) “that as of 11.59pm on April 4, the Government will drop the vaccine mandates.”

“Vaccine pass and scanning requirements are set to be scrapped and all outdoor gathering limits removed,” reports Newsroom.

“Most vaccine mandates will also be scrapped, except for health and disability, aged care, corrections and border workforces. Businesses and events will still be able to use them if they choose to, but they will no longer be mandated,” PM Ardern said, continuing:

“I know for many this part of our defence against Covid-19 was one of the hardest. But mandates meant we reached the levels of vaccination needed to prevent the devastating outbreaks seen across the world.”

“Ardern said masks were still vital, and while people do not like them, a study from the British Medical Journal late last year showed mask-wearing reduced new cases by 53 percent,” the Newsroom continues:

“Opposition parties National and ACT had urged the Government to immediately remove passes and mandates, with the traffic light system designed for Delta, not Omicron.

Indoor gathering limits will also increase to 200 under the red light setting, and the traffic light system will remain to help manage any future outbreaks.”

The Sun Daily expands:

“The prime minister clarified that education, police and defence workers, as well as businesses operating vaccine passes will no longer be obliged to provide a vaccine pass, while health, disability, aged care, and border services will still be obliged to stick to the Covid-19 restrictions.”

“Now with more tools and one of the most highly vaccinated nations in the world, it means we can keep moving forward,” said Ardern.

The Sun Daily continues:

“Last Wednesday, New Zealand announced its border reopening plans in order to accelerate the economic recovery after the Covid-19 pandemic. Ardern said that all vaccinated Australians can enter the country from April 12, while vaccinated tourists from visa-waiver countries can enter the country from May 1. Tourism contributed 5.5 per cent to GDP before the pandemic in New Zealand, while also employing 8 per cent of national workforce.”

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