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Nuremberg Violations: Medical Ethics Were Breached; The Whole System Is Corrupt – Dr Malone – Better Way Conference

Nuremberg Violations: Medical Ethics Were Breached; The Whole System Is Corrupt

Dr. Robert Malone: “There have been norms established … concerning clinical ethics, clinical research, and regulatory norms, which have been grossly breached throughout this outbreak. And I plead with you. I hear it all the time in my travels. ‘What’s happened?’ Physicians are completely corrupt. The whole medical system is corrupt. The hospitals are corrupt. The HHS and the United States are corrupt.”

“That’s False” – The Nuremberg Code Is Codified, It’s Called the Common Rule

Dr. Robert Malone: “I hear people saying, ‘Oh, the Nuremberg Code is not in the U.S. law.’ That’s false. Okay. It is there. The common language for it is the Common Rule. It’s in CFR (Code of Federal Regulations). And for some reason, over the last few years, there has been an incremental winnowing away of that norm and standard through a series of legislative activities that have all been justified … and wrapped around the package of biodefense.”

Tune in to the Better Way Conference:

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