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NEW Edward Dowd Analysis: CDC data charts for millennials comparing lowest vaccination rate states vs the highest states

In a substack post on March 11th entitled, Edward Dowd, former BlackRock analyst, & his team just uncovered raw CDC data that Millennials age 25-44 had 61k excess deaths 2021, +84% baseline. They are NOT at risk for PSYOP-19, so it’s DEATHVAX™, we established as per Dowd’s analysis that the bioweapon Depopulation and Control program was gaining momentum, and that the trajectory of increasing mortality will be grim. Taking these deadly experimental therapies shortens lifespans for those that do not succumb within months from the injections. And for the last few months life insurance companies have been reporting all cause mortality increases of over 40% post “vax” rollout.

And now Edward Dowd is back with another analysis:

There is a clear 107% rise into fall mandates for low vaccinated states vs a still terrible 53% rise in high ones. The less prounouced rise in low Vax states is likely due to the fall mandates affecting fewer still unvaccinated individuals being forced to comply to keep their job.

For those who think Delta was responsible here are 2 more charts👇…it’s not Delta The charts show a limited and sustained rise in mortality among high vax states, while unvaccinated in low vax states suffered elevated mortality between August to October of last year (and since it fell as quickly as it rose, it cannot be COVID). Comparing mortality spikes by age, we can see that the fall mortality spike was 6x greater for the voung – proving this is from mandates, not COVID

The Cult and its agencies are now pushing hard for 4th, 5th, and so on and so forth DEATHVAX™ boosters, with Israel already on their 6th dose while the data keeps exposing these deadly injections for what they are. This is absolute irrefutable premeditated murder by the Government; i.e. Democide.

We have never in the history of mankind seen such a coordinated depopulation program. This makes the Holocaust look tame in comparison, especially since the means of execution today are so “clinical” and “clean” and staggered out. If Dr. Mengele had concentrated mRNA “vaccines” at his disposal, then the NAZI 1.0’s would have never had the need for Zyklon B. Today, we have Dr. Mengele 2.0 aka Dr. Fauci and the NAZI 2.0 Cult pushing DEATHVAX™ with disingenuous concerns and fraudulent claims, but instead of ripping out gold teeth, seizing assets, and making lampshades, they steal via taxes to enrich the BigPharma corporations that turn around and for “free” murder and maim the very debt-slave tax mules that they stole from, while concurrently by design discharging their pensions and other liabilities en route to the technocratic Great Reset digi-slavery posthuman dystopia.

In the meantime, Edward Dowd and others are chronicling this PSYOP-19 scheme in order to expose the perpetrators, short sell BigPharma stocks into oblivion and Reset the accelerating Great Reset.

Expect far more Psyops, and increasing turbulence.

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