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Major US insurance provider to scrap COVID-19 vaccine mandate for employees, visitors

America’s largest insurance provider is ending its COVID-19 vaccine requirement as more U.S. companies move away from restrictive coronavirus policies.

Prudential Financial, an American Fortune Global 500 and Fortune 500 company that offers insurance, retirement planning, investment management and holds $815.1 billion in total assets, will remove its COVID-19 jab rule beginning early next month.

Independent journalist Alex Berenson reported the reversal of the company’s injection mandate in a May 4 Substack post, including a screenshot apparently of an internal company memo.

“Effective June 6, we are eliminating the COVID-19 vaccination requirement for employees, vendors, contractors, and visitors to enter Prudential facilities,” the email read.

“This decision was informed by multiple factors, including guidance from public health authorities, confidence in our other safety protocols and high vaccination rates among our employees,” the company appeared to state.

Prudential spokesman Bill Launder confirmed to LifeSiteNews in an email Friday that the major insurance corporation “is eliminating its vaccine requirement, effective June 6.”

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