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Lukashenko: “The international scammers should finally end the pandemic”

President Lukashenko says COVID is a “sickness in the head”, and that “international criminals” are essentially using this manufactured fear to rob everyone else

Belarusian President Lukashenko has made a public statement on Covid-19 that would be unthinkable in the West: “One should not worry” about Covid-19 and the “organizers of the pandemic” should finally end the pandemic.

Anti-Spiegel (Google Translation) – It is well known that President Lukashenko is one of the few heads of state who has not introduced any corona restrictions in his country. Lukashenko himself has contracted Covid-19 twice, but continues to demonstratively visit the corona wards in Belarusian hospitals without a mask and gloves. At the beginning of the pandemic, he indignantly rejected a payment of $900 million offered by the IMF in return for a lockdown in his country .

Now Lukashenko has made headlines again with a statement that would be unthinkable from leading politicians in the West. Among other things, he spoke of the “organizers of the pandemic” and called on them to finally end the pandemic. I almost asked if he had already read my new book “ Inside Corona ”, because the term “organizers of the pandemic” can be found very often in it. This question is of course meant as a joke.

The Russian news agency TASS reported on Lukashenko’s statements and I translated the TASS report .

Start of translation:

Lukashenko calls on the “international scammers” to end the pandemic

Belarusian President advises people diagnosed with coronavirus “not to worry”.

President Alexander Lukashenko has advised people not to worry too much if they have been diagnosed with the coronavirus and urged the “international scammers” to end the pandemic.

“I would advise you not to worry. I’ve been telling you for a long time, since the first time: our illness is here, in our heads. And once you start worrying about “oh and oh” and running to hell knows where, that’s bad. Young people have nothing to fear,” Lukashenko told reporters on Friday, the presidential press service reports.

He appealed to the international organizations: “I would like to say to all these international fraudsters: enough is enough. They’ve grabbed so much into our pockets that there’s nothing left. They’ve all already undressed. This pandemic must finally end. It’s enough, they’ve tormented people enough.”

The President added that he is following the development of the coronavirus situation around the world and what various experts are saying: “One, either an American or a Western expert, said: ‘If Omicron is such a light virus, then let’s everyone will get sick and that will be the vaccine for us’. In my opinion, this is an ideal proposal,” Lukashenko said.

The president, who himself recovered from COVID-19, this time after being infected with the Omicron strain, said he may have contracted it while training with Belarusian hockey players. According to him, he feels normal now, “but my voice is a little hoarse, yesterday we had hockey practice again.”

Lukashenko noted that this time the illness was much easier than last time and he did not have to cancel participation in a number of events: “I could not refuse to participate in the “Spiritual Rebirth Award” ceremony, although it There were already options for me to perform, walk away and give the award to someone else,” Lukashenko said. “I thought: people will be offended <…> I didn’t close the churches at Christmas back then [at the beginning of the pandemic] and I was in church, how can I not come there now? I have always received journalists, artists, personalities from our cultural life and officials at the New Year celebrations. How can I disrespect them and not give them the awards? There are a number of events

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