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Growing List of Travel Destinations as Countries Now Scrap All Covid Entry Requirements

After two years of pandemic-related travel volatility, more and more countries around the world are not only ending their local Covid restrictions, but also their entry requirements too.

As it goes public how nonsensical the rollout of vaccines and other mandates to tackle Covid has been, these countries are putting further pressure on all countries to end mandates and open borders.

Omicron variants have effectively rendered vaccination and other mandates moot, and with mainstream media now joining in the global criticism of zero-Covid policies in Canada and Australia , and Austria unsure how to continue, it is only a matter of time before the zero-Covid narrative crumbles worldwide.

Feel empowered not powerless with more positive news about the Covid pandemic daily. More on Covid-related travel as it unfolds


The European Republic of Slovenia ended ( all Covid related entry requirements Mon (Feb 21). The country’s RVT system – which stands for recovered , vaccinated or tested – has been repealed.

Now all travellers may enter Slovenia without restriction or quarantine.

All internal Covid restrictions have ended except for masks on public transportation and in indoor public places.


Scandinavian country Norway has removed all of its Covid related entry requirements, and all internal restrictions related to Covid-19.

The country has returned its citizens’ freedoms and returned to the pre-pandemic version of normal, reports Travel Off Path.

This means that travellers do not need to take a Covid-19 test or show proof of vaccination to enter.

Norway has also scrapped the need for travellers to complete a digital entry registration form prior to arrival. Quarantine had already been scrapped previously.

The changes were published in a press release on the Norwegian government’s website Sat (Feb 12).


Nordic country Iceland lifts all remaining restrictions Fri (Feb 25) along with all border restrictions.

Iceland is not only restoring freedom to its citizens, but also has a special message for the leaders of zero-Covid policy countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Austria.

El Salvador

El Salvador was the world’s first nation to drop all Covid entry requirements back in Nov 2021, so no proof of vaccination or negative test is required for entry.

Once inside, the only remaining Covid mandate is masks required in most indoor spaces.

The country has become a hub for digital nomads over the past year with Travel Off Path calling it “the trendiest Country to travel to in 2022.”

Travellers have to purchase a tourist card for $12 USD upon arrival, but this also allows access to neighbouring Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua.

El Salvador also made history last Sept by becoming the first nation in the world to adopt the cryptocurrency bitcoin as legal tender.


Unlike most of the world, Mexico kept its borders open throughout the pandemic. As a result, it has become the world’s most popular destination since 2020, reports Travel Off Path.

Before Jan 1st, Mexico still had a health questionnaire required for all flights, including international flights and domestic flights. The Mexican authorities called it the Vuela Seguro.

Once travellers had completed the digital form, they would receive a QR code that would allow arrivals to pass through security without being taking for further screening.

As of Jan 1st, Mexico officially discontinued this form, making entering Mexico no different from pre-pandemic 2019.

Mexico still has internal Covid restrictions in place depending on individual states, but mostly just include mask mandates and/or occupancy limits.

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