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Fake Cases: The Fraudulent PCR Test Is at the Heart of This Entire Plandemic – Dr. Reiner Fuellmich With Judy Mikovits & More

“They used it in order to be able to declare a public health emergency of international concern, and based on this declaration, they now are using untested new drugs, experimental substances… that would not ever have been used on human beings had it not been for this public health emergency of international concern, and that is based only and solely on the PCR test.”

“For the Love of God, Do Not Let Them Experiment on Your Children” – Dr. Richard Fleming

“Your children have been here now for the last 28 months, and they have not died… If your child has not died in 28 months of this virus being around, why would you expose them now to a new challenge with an experimental vaccine?”

Creating Order Out of Chaos: The Ultimate Goal Is to Install a One-World Government

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich: “What they’re after is keeping us in panic mode for as long as it takes for them to install this one-world government. They’re trying to give us as much chaos as possible, first through COVID, [and] then there’s the breakdown of the supply chains. All of this is staged… but this is all part of the Great Reset. This is all part of causing as much chaos as possible, so that ultimately, we will, in our individual countries, agree [that] our government can’t handle this [and create a] one-world government.”

Full Video: A Cross Examination of the Global Pandemic With Judy Mikovits, Reiner Fuellmich + More

    Joe Biden: Pandemic is Over

    Joe Biden during an interview on 60Minutes says he believes the COVID pandemic is Over. 850 more unvaxxed NYC teachers, aides fired for not complying

    Lockdowns Harms Impossible to Cover Up

    “According to a recent study by the World Bank, published in the journal Nature, lockdowns and the response to Covid-19 have pushed an additional 75

    Contagious Vaccines: A Warning

    Brownstone Institute – For two decades scientists have been quietly developing self-spreading contagious vaccines. The NIH funded this research, in which either DNA from a deadly

    VAERS Reports as of 6/10/2022 Release

    28,859 Deaths where Vaccine is COVID19 1,301,356 Adverse Events where Vaccine is COVID19 Search Vaccine Reactions Using MedAlertsA Powerful VAERS Database Search Engine hosted by

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