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Doctors Are ‘Baffled’ By the Increase in Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS) – Dr. Ryan Cole

Dr. Ryan Cole: “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome is because people are getting a toxin in their body that’s inflaming their heart.”

“If you look around the world, a couple of athletes per month used to die on the football field or on the soccer pitch. Now we’re getting hundreds each month dying. Why? Is there something new in humanity? You bet there is [something]: a toxic lipid nanoparticle and a toxic modified RNA that doesn’t shut off.”

“Dr. Bruce Patterson, pathologist, colleague, showed that the spike was persisting in our circulating CD 16+ monocytes for up to 15 months! So, it’s insanity to keep pushing the most deadly, dangerous medical product ever allowed to persist in humanity.

Super Immunity After the Shot? Lies Told By the Centers for Deception and Confusion (CDC)

Dr. Ryan Cole: “75+ percent of America’s kids as of over a month ago already had COVID. You never give a shot to somebody that’s recovered from a disease.”

“If you’ve recovered from a disease and you get a shot thereafter, you increase your risk of adverse reactions by two to fourfold.”

Full Video: Global Vax Insanity: Dr. Ryan Cole Joins Greg Hunter


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