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Better way Conference: The House of Cards Collapses When We’re Allowed to Speak; Censorship Is Their Only Choice – RFK, Jr.

The House of Cards Collapses When We’re Allowed to Speak: Censorship Is Their Only Choice

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr: “If we make a breakthrough with the press, it will bring down this entire superstructure … The only way that they can hold this together is by keeping us all from talking by censoring. Censoring is their weapon of choice because they cannot withstand logic, they cannot withstand reason, they cannot withstand facts, and they cannot withstand open debate. That’s why they censor us. They will not debate us; they can only silence us. It’s their only choice.”

The Assault of Free Speech: Once a Government Silences Critics, It Can Commit Any Atrocity – RFK Jr.

Once Fauci & Friends Decimated Free Speech, They

  • Closed churches and deprived us of our freedom to worship.
  • Closed down 3.3 million businesses without scientific citation or public hearing, with no due process or just compensation, which is required by our Constitution.
  • Forced us to put on masks.
  • Got rid of jury trials, which are guaranteed by the 6th and 7th amendments of our Constitution.
  • Got rid of the prohibition of warrantless searches and seizures (track and trace surveillance and mandatory disclosures).
  • Made people disclose their medical records just to get out of the house and go to their favorite bar or restaurant.
  • Got rid of due process law.

“All of [these infractions] flow from the initial attack, which is the assault on freedom of expression.”

There were 500 of you in room with us today in Bath, UK and thousands more joined us online from 60 countries and 186 states to watch the first day of the first ever Better Way Conference.

I hope you will join us tomorrow for day two!

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