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A proper informed consent leads to 99.8% of army soldiers refusing to get vaccinated

Army doctor Dr. Pete Chambers gave an informed consent briefing to 3,000 soldiers. After that briefing, just 6 soldiers wanted to be vaccinated. Chambers was subsequently relieved of his duties.

By Steve Kirsch

I want you all to watch this video starting at 37:50 for just 30 seconds.

Seriously. Just do it. 30 seconds. This was my reaction:

Army surgeon Dr. and Lt. Col. Pete Chambers gave a proper vaccine informed consent speech (approximately 30 minutes) to 3,000 soldiers and just 6 of them opted to take the “vaccine.” The others refused the shot.

I nearly fell off my chair when I heard that.

So what happened to Dr. Chambers? He was relieved of his duties because he failed to achieve the goals set for vaccination by the military brass.

They had no problems with what was said. It was all accurate.

In other words, the US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin thinks that 100% vaccination of the troops is more important than their health. He’s basically perfectly happening disabling soldiers, possibly for life, in order to please President Biden and meet the vaccination goal set for him.

Dr. Chambers himself is an expert on vaccine injuries because he took the COVID vaccine himself and became injured with severe vertigo. That injury almost cost him his life.

The point is this: given a full informed consent, hardly any soldiers would voluntarily take the vaccine. This is precisely why mandates and coercion is required to achieve the military vaccination goals.

This is a symptom of a very corrupt society.

And make no mistake: the military brass knew full well that the vaccines were harming our soldiers. Instead of stopping vaccinations, the evidence indicates that they ordered that the medical database be manipulated to cover the safety signals. We believe this occured sometime around mid-April, 2021. There is no doubt of the deliberate manipulation (only the exact date is in question).

The only question is how high up the chain of command this went.

But that is easy to infer.

The fact that Defense Secretary Austin has never ordered an investigation pretty much implicates him as the one who ordered the coverup

Any honest leader would have ordered a full investigation right after attorney Thomas Renz blew the whistle on the DMED data on January 25, 2022. Even if Secretary Austin didn’t hear of the event, it’s guaranteed he got the letter written by Senator Johnson bringing this to his personal attention.

The response: crickets. The DoD just responded to PolitiFact and not Senator Johnson.

So because there is no investigation, it’s pretty much a sure thing Secretary Austin knew he was harming the troops and looked the other way and authorized the cover up.

If there is an alternate explanation that fits the facts, let me know.

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