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6 of 9 people vaccinated in Palo Alto nursing home die within a week

It’s very unlikely that this happened by chance. SOMETHING killed these people. I bet this isn’t the only Black Swan. Have you heard similar stories in other nursing homes?

By Steve Kirsch

Here’ the email below that I just sent to:

  1. Congresswoman Anna Eshoo and her staff,
  2. Santa Clara Supervisor Joe Simitian,
  3. CA State Senator Josh Becker,
  4. San Jose Mercury News staff: Lisa Krieger, Ed Clendaniel, and Gabriel Greschler
  5. FDA Steven Anderson
  6. CDC: John Su, Tom Shimabukuro, and Pedro Moro

The first person so far to get back to me so far was Matt Savage who works for Supervisor Simitian. I’ll update this post if I hear back from others.

My email

Would you like details on this private facebook post below sent to one of my friends?

*All* 6 died within a week after the shot. Perfectly normal for a safe vaccine right?

The chance that this was simply “bad luck” is less than 1 in 12 billion.

Excerpt of a message sent between two friends. I know the name of the nursing home but I’m not disclosing it yet. I want to give them time to notify the public of this themselves. That would be the right thing to do. But they won’t do that, will they? This is why we never hear of these deaths. Nobody wants to talk about it. We don’t want to scare anyone.

Which means something caused all those people to die. They didn’t die normally. This is data in YOUR community. Something killed these people and it is precisely correlated with time of the vaccine administration. I would like to know what you think killed these people if it wasn’t the vaccine.

If the data in your own backyard isn’t convincing, I now ALSO have statistical proof the vaccine also has NO BENEFIT to anyone under 60. The younger you are, the worse it is. This proves these stories are not a fluke. Do you want to see the data? You can do your own survey and you’ll get the same result. It’s easy to do.

Or do you choose to look the other way and pretend these deaths aren’t happening?

Because this involves deaths in your community, as journalists and lawmakers it is your responsibility for you to investigate and inform the public. If the vaccine didn’t cause these deaths, then what did?

If you are interested, call me. My phone number is <redacted>.

If you are not interested, that’s fine too.

This will serve as a record that you were informed about this and chose to look the other way.



Mathew Crawford sent me the following note (written in jest):

You’re being silly. There are probably two dozen nursing homes in Palo Alto, so it’s only like 1 in 500 million that this would happen at one of them.

Stop cherry picking.

I stand corrected!

I should have clarified in the email that this was the statistics for that one facility for the 9 vaccinated people. It’s just not going to happen that 6 of them drop dead in a week if it wasn’t caused by something.

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