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World leaders & their puppetry experts double down on unvaccinated

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Global Data on Omicron Surge Raises Serious Questions About World Leaders Who Blame the Unvaccinated for COVID-19

An often repeated belief that COVID-19 remains a “pandemic of the unvaccinated” by certain world leaders conflicts with global data on the performance of COVID-19 vaccines against the Omicron variant.

A new study by Ontario’s public health agency and health researchers at Canadian universities found that two-dose mRNA vaccines are “not protective against” Omicron, while the booster only improves effectiveness to 37% seven or more days later.

Digging further into the preprint, epidemiologist Tracy Hoeg was floored that two-dose vaccination actually reduced protection from reinfection by Omicron 38% four to six months after injection, and 42% by eight months.

Meanwhile, British government data published shortly before Christmas found highly vaccinated individuals have a heightened susceptibility to Omicron infections.

The odds ratio for Omicron infection among SARS-CoV-2 positives goes up for each vaccine dose: unvaccinated (1), one dose (1.57), two doses (2.26) and three doses (4.45). “It is too early to draw conclusions from our data on the effectiveness of vaccines against the Omicron variant,” the ONS said.

Recently, data emerged from Germany that showed negative COVID-19 vaccine efficacy. However, the German health institute issued a correction days later after reporting what they now claim is a false number of unvaccinated people infected with Omicron.

Biden Continues to Call It a “Pandemic of the Unvaccinated” Despite the Fact That Vaccinated People Are Catching and Spreading Omicron

President Biden on Tuesday (Jan. 4) warned of “challenging” weeks ahead as he again urged unvaccinated American adults and children to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

“There’s no excuse, there’s no excuse for anyone being unvaccinated,” Biden said. “This continues to be a pandemic of the unvaccinated.”

“And for parents who still haven’t gotten your kids vaccinated, please get them vaccinated. Look out for their interests here. It’s the best way to protect them,” he continued.

“And for parents with kids too young to be vaccinated, surround your kids with people who are vaccinated. And make sure you’re masking in public so you don’t get COVID and give it to your kids.”

Trudeau Follows Macron, Encourages Canadians to Direct Their Anger at the Unvaccinated Instead of COVID-19 or Government

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Wednesday (Jan. 5) told Canadians that they are growing more angry with the unvaccinated.

“It’s not just about governments and health workers frustrated that there are Canadians who still continue to choose to not get vaccinated. It’s fellow Canadians as well,” he said.

“When people are seeing cancer treatments and elective surgeries put off because beds are filled with people who chose not to get vaccinated, they’re frustrated.”

“When people see that we are in lockdowns or serious public health restrictions right now because of the risk posed to all of us by unvaccinated people, people get angry.”

Trudeau made his comments after French President Emmanuel Macron said that his legislation is designed to “piss off” the unvaccinated.

Australia’s Northern Territory has imposed a China-like lockdown of all unvaccinated citizens

Australia’s Northern Territory has imp

Just when you thought Australia couldn’t get any worse, the Chief Minister of the Northern Territory has decided to impose an apartheid lockdown for the unvaccinated and says that going to work is now illegal for them.

“The fully vaccinated can continue as they were,” CMO Michael Gunner began during a news conference. “For people who are not vaccinated, lockdown rules will apply for everyone 16 and above.”

osed a China-like lockdown of all unvaccinated citizens, falsely claiming “they are at greater risk of catching Covid.

 “If you are not fully vaxxed, stay home,” Gunner continued. “You are at greater risk of catching COVID, becoming ill, and needing hospital medical care.”

“You may only leave home for three reasons: medical treatment, including COVID treatment and vaccination; for essential goods and services like groceries, [tokens], [and] medication; to provide care and support to a family member or person who cannot support themselves.”

It should also be noted that most of the new cases came from rapid antigen tests, suggesting many cases are merely incidental and that the government had to look for cases actively.

“You cannot travel more than 30 km from your home when leaving for one of these three reasons, or the nearest practical destination.”

But what about work? Why is that not on that list? Well, according to Gunner, work is not essential. So go ahead and starve to death — it’s for your own good.

“Work is not a reason to leave the home for the unvaccinated… exercise is not essential,” Gunner declared.

CNN Medical Guest: Companies Should Not Treat Vaccinated, Unvaccinated as “Equal”

A CNN medical guest said on Wednesday (Jan. 5) that he will continue to “condemn” and “shame” the unvaccinated until they get the COVID-19 vaccine.

“I don’t want to reject those who still haven’t done the right thing,” said Arthur Caplan, medical ethics director at the New York University Grossman School of Medicine.

But, Caplan continued, “I’ll condemn them,” he said. “I’ll shame them. I’m blame them. But I don’t want to exclude them. They’ve got to come around.”

He said getting the unvaccinated to cooperate was the only way out of the pandemic.

“We can penalize them more, we can say you got to pay more on your hospital bill if you weren’t vaccinated. You can’t get life insurance, disability insurance at affordable rates if you aren’t vaccinated,” Caplan declared.

Because, he said, those companies shouldn’t treat the vaccinated and unvaccinated as “equals.”

Macron’s threats to the unvaccinated

After three days of fierce debates fueled by controversial remarks by President Macron, the French National Assembly approved a bill early Thursday (Jan. 6) morning that would transform the country’s COVID-19 health pass into a stricter “vaccine pass.”

The bill passed with 214 votes against 93, and 27 abstentions. It still needs to pass in the Senate, which is due to review it early next week. Macron’s government wants the new rules to take effect on January 15.

Under the bill, people over 12 years of age will be required to prove their COVID-19 vaccination status to access restaurants and bars, cultural venues, or interregional public transport. A negative SARS-CoV-2 test will no longer be sufficient, except for access to health services.

The bill’s passage came amid a storm of controversy after Macron said Tuesday (Jan. 4) that his COVID-19 strategy was to “piss off” the unvaccinated.

A petition for the removal of the French president, you can sign from anywhere in the World

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[…] often repeated phrase that this is a “pandemic of the unvaccinated” by certain world leaders now conflicts with global data on […]


[…] Macron said on Wednesday (Jan. 5) he wanted to make the lives of the unvaccinated so awful that they end up getting the COVID-19 vaccine. He claimed unvaccinated people were irresponsible and unworthy of being considered citizens. […]

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