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German Health Institute Issues Correction After Reporting False Number of Unvaccinated People Infected With Omicron

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The Robert Koch Institute (RKI)—a German federal public health agency responsible for disease control and prevention—published a report in December 2021 which included a wildly incorrect figure on the number of unvaccinated people who contracted the Omicron variant, according to fact-checkers employed by Reuters.

Here was the summarized raw data before:

➨ 4,020 cases with 2 or more doses of vaccine = 95.5%
➨ 1,137 of those cases already had boosters = 27.0%
➨ 186 cases in the unvaccinated = 4.4%

Ronja Wenchel, an RKI spokesperson, told Reuters: “RKI did not report such a number, only a synopsis about the number of Omicron cases vaccinated and unvaccinated so far.”

“The number of 186 unvaccinated patients in the report from 30.12.2021 was wrong, the correct number is 1,097,” Wenchel said.

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[…] the German health institute issued a correction days later after reporting what they now claim is a false number of unvaccinated people infected with […]

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