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Graphic Videos from Ukraine- Russia war

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Keep in mind videos are unconfirmed

A pair of Russian saboteurs in Vasylkovo killed 14 members of a Ukrainian band formations at once.
Full in the comments .

A little clarification.
Video is shot by Ukrainian soldiers who came to the scene after the shooting
⚡️Ukrainian citizens trying to stop tanks
A lot of captive AFU soldiers in Volnovakha (the DNR Army worked) We can count more than 15 people. And that’s not all of them.
Their faces are clearly visible. Their attitude, as you can see, is polite. Although “on edge”.
commented as GRAPHIC CONTENT from 8 years ago (the beginning of the Ukrainian conflict)
⚠️Ukrainian Nazi Battalion Azov crucify a local Russian man on camera.
🔴Putin is now conducting a denazification campaign in the Ukraine.
🔴Russian authorities are not targeting regular Ukrainian troops or civilians. They are after the Deep state
Graphic Content warning.
⚠️Kiev Regime handing out thousands of AK-74 machine guns to Civilians:
🔴Kiev descends into Chaos as armed Ukrainian civilian gangs roam the streets killing innocent people.
🔴Watch how the shooter pulls out his phone and films the kid die after shooting him in the back…
🇦🇺Australian PM Scott Morrison is sending more weapons to the Kiev Regime. Nice one Scotty from marketing – send more weapons! What a disaster.
Ukrainian civilians being armed

❗️Drone footage shows the aftermath of heavy fighting in the Borodianka region of Kiev – Reuters

The Ukraine crisis has entered its eighth day, with losses mounting on both sides. Our correspondent @Murad_Gazdiev reports from a Russian convoy in the city of Melitopol


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2 years ago

alot of russian propaganda here lol

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