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Forum: Is Ukraine-Russia War Staged? – Many Videos and Pictures are fake and old

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James Corbett
WEF | Davos Agenda 2020
Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky:
“We propose to all of you to be the stakeholders, shareholders of the success of the ‘new Ukraine’…”

ABC News is reporting the destruction of a building “caused” by Russian Air Force when in reality it was a gas explosion back in 2018

Watch these reporters spreading fear with their helmets and bullet proof waste coats whilst people are around them are just going about their lives normally.

Spanish MSM fakes their report on Ukraine using a video game

The anchor says “watch how a Russian plane bombards a village’.

The screen on the left shows the images from the video game ‘Arma 3’ which is an open-world, realism-based, military tactical shooter video.

US state-funded Radio Free Europe sells two-year-old footage from Syria as “Ukrainian drones destroying Russian forces”

CNN’s lies are still huge.

Another American who dies twice, on two different dates and in two different places.

We will always be there to expose your lies and our army of digital warriors is now invincible

Fox! is that cardboard?
FOX just used their playbook
Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko is giving a TV interview, something unexpected happens
Crisis actors?
Who should we believe now? The mainstream videos that are full of destruction and suffering, or this alternative video journalist?
CNN Remember this?
Actor Sean Penn arrived in Kyiv Days Ago to Work on A Documentary About the Russian ‘Invasion’ Of Ukraine.

As battle raged in Ukraine, Sean Penn was on the scene.

The politically active actor was spotted Thursday in the first row of a press briefing in Kyiv, where high-ranking Ukrainian officials were discussing the day’s invasion by Russia

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