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Forum: If Ukraine-Russia warn isn’t the beginning of WW3, its at the least a new 9/11, passing worldwide draconian measures under the emerging emergencies

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By Kanan Alibayov

In Recent development, Countries around the world have just start dropping Covid-19 mandates and restrictions as “Pandemic” becoming endemic with its emergency measures being lifted which have caused mental illness to millions if not billions of people. While it has crippled world economy and social life for 2 years.

Ukraine-Russia war isn’t an isolated event and it will drag every superpower and ally into the conflict of All-out active war so that handful group of people could declare global emergency for billions of people again.

911Truth Al Qaeda Does not EXIST

It’s well documented that 9/11 was an inside job and everything about is orchestrated by Globalists to pretend play wargames for over 20 years while so called rivals still remain complicit. In fact this is been happening for thousands of years through very sophisticated propaganda to inflict conflict in societies to remain in power.

If Ukraine-Russia war isn’t beginning of WW3, its at the least is a new 9/11 to pass “Global” draconian measures under the emerging emergency.

Please leave a comment, so we can get a better understanding of world around us, so we could train our minds to see the world in its true color as bombardment of endless propaganda aims condition the masses around the world to accept false beliefs as reality that makes up fabric of our social environment.

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