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Bolsonaro holds enormous protest as Brazil rules out vaccine requirement for travelers – “I’d rather die than lose my freedom”

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President of Brazil ,President Jair Bolsonaro states “I will not be implementing vaccine mandates and vaccine passports in Brazil!

December 8, 2021: The Brazilian President has been very vocal against vaccine mandates and COVID law and this is how his people respond. link

AFP -Brazil on Tuesday ruled out requiring a Covid-19 vaccination certificate for foreign travelers arriving in the country, despite a recommendation from the national health regulator.

The move came after far-right President Jair Bolsonaro compared such a mandate to a “leash” for animals. 

Health Minister Marcelo Queiroga told reporters after a meeting at the presidency that “people cannot be discriminated between vaccinated and unvaccinated to impose restrictions.”

However, Queiroga said that with the precise characteristics of the Omicron variant still unknown, Brazil will require “a five-day quarantine” for unvaccinated travelers, as recommended by the health regulator Anvisa. 

After that period, and with a negative PCR test, foreigners traveling to the country as tourists “can take advantage of the beauties of our great Brazil,” the minister said. 

Until now, the only requirement had been to present a negative PCR test. 

“Sometimes it is better to lose your life than to lose your freedom,” Queiroga added, echoing Bolsonaro’s own previous statements.

Ahead of the announcement, Bolsonaro, who has not been vaccinated, rejected Anvisa’s request for a health passport. 

“We asked, why the health passport? What is that leash that they want to put on the Brazilian people? Where is our freedom? I would rather die than lose my freedom,” the former army officer said.

Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro: “Why they want Jab passports? Why put the Brazilian people at chains? I’d rather die than lose my freedom”

Brazil’s top court opens investigation into Bolsonaro for linking Covid-19 vaccines to AIDS

Brazil’s Supreme Court has ordered an investigation into President Jair Bolsonaro’s claim that people who have been vaccinated against Covid-19 may have a higher risk of contracting AIDS.

Bolsonaro made the claims in a live video broadcast on multiple social media platforms in October. He was temporarily suspended from both Facebook and YouTube following the comments.

Bolsonaro Confronts WHO Chief: ‘People Are Dying After the Second Dose’

A new clip has emerged of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro confronting WHO head Tedros Adhanom about COVID-19 restrictions and asking why people are still dying of COVID after the second dose of the vaccine.

The discussion took place during the recent G20 summit of global leaders in Rome.

Challenging Adhanom on vaccine passports, Bolsonaro asserted that, “All over the world, there are people who need to work to feed themselves.”

He added that lockdown measures have destabilized the global economy, warning that if it continues, “the economy will collapse.”

Adhanom said he didn’t want more lockdowns and agreed that the vaccine passport scheme was “discrimination,” but only while vaccine rates in some countries were still low. Read More

Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro confronts WHO Director Tedros Adhanom with questions about lockdowns, vaccines, and vaccine passports.

Unmasked and unvaccinated Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro warns ‘history and science’ will judge Biden for imposing mask and vaccine mandates in opening speech to UN after breaking NY’s Covid rules

Unvaccinated Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro told the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday suggested that his approach toward Covid-19 would be proven right. 

‘History and science will hold everyone accountable,’ he told world leaders in his address. 

The right-wing Brazilian leader said he supported vaccinations but promoted early treatment of Covid-19, noting that he himself underwent ‘early treatment’ following a diagnosis last summer. 

Bolsonaro said that his government stood against vaccine mandates, such as the one he had broken to enter the United Nations. New York City requires vaccination to enter most public spaces, including convention centers
Read More

UN – Jair Bolsonaro speaks against the vaccine passport (subtitles)

Last year President Bolsonaro promoted Alternative covid treatment prior to vaccine roll out

Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro Takes Hydroxychloroquine as Covid-19 Treatment

And This is How Main Stream Media responded Bolsonaro’s Early Covid Treatment called Covid kit

(Read 68 countries have approved early COVID-19 treatments: real-time analysis of 1,179 studies)

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Brazil: Two infants given Pfizer shots hospitalized (Reports)
6 Dec, 2021

A two-month-old girl and four-month old boy have been taken to hospital with adverse reactions to coronavirus vaccines – mistakenly given instead of a shot meant to immunize against diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis (whooping cough), and hepatitis B. (Uol media outlet reports)

The nurse who administered the Covid-19 jabs has been suspended and an investigation opened.

The Pfizer vaccine has been cleared for children as young as 5 in multiple countries. The pharma giant insists it has been tested and is safe. Read More

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