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Total Control of Terrifying Illnesses Through the Manipulative Usage of 5G – Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet

“All of the symptoms of radiation illness, the radiation syndrome, mimic the symptoms of [COVID, vaccine injuries, and hemorrhagic fevers]… Why wouldn’t [the powers that be] use an uncontrollable, terrifying virus like hemorrhagic fever, Marburg, or Ebola… as a fear mongering tactic to cover up what they do have control over, which is the whole 5G rollout, the 5G density, [and] what frequencies are turned on and off at any given time. That’s far more controllable than unleashing an unpredictable virus.”

    Short 5G Videos

    5g – They Don’t Want You To See This

    comment: Friends, since I got home I’ve been bed ridden.I started feeling unwell on the Friday after noon.I used paracetamol to push through on Saturday

    5G in the street lights

    They are now installing 5G technology even in the street lamps. The narrative ofcourse has a fancy explanation. They say by equipping light poles with

    Symptoms of 5G radiation sickness include:

    💥Shortness of breath,💥Passing out,💥Cold and Flu symptoms,💥Fever,💥Increase cancer risk,💥Foggy thinking,💥Eye pain,💥Nightmares,💥Nausea,💥Vomiting,💥Diarrhea, As you can see greedy corporate bastards want to push 5G into every part

    5G tower next to a school

    5G tower next to a school. Look at the warning signs. Yet it is somehow safe to stay around this tower for hours in the

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