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No Longer Conspiracy: Study Shows 5G could cause flu-like symptoms similar to COVID

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At the start of the pandemic, some speculated that COVID did not exist, and the illness was caused and transmitted by 5G – this speculation was with little basis and never proven to be true. At the same time, many were concerned that wireless radiation could cause flu-like symptoms similar to COVID, or that radiation could depress one’s immune system making people more susceptible to COVID. Did microwave radiation make people sick with COVID-like symptoms? This claim was fact-checked and dismissed as “unfounded” since there is “no evidence that 5G is harmful to humans”. The BBC, quoting a scientist, called the claim “complete rubbish”. Facebook’s COVID-19 policy still prohibits such claims on its platform. 

Fast forward to September 2021, when the National Institute of Health (NIH) published a study confirming just that “evidence presented here supports a premise that WCR [Wireless Communications Radiation] and, in particular, 5G, which involves densification of 4G, may have exacerbated the COVID-19 pandemic by weakening host immunity and increasing SARS-CoV-2 virulence. ” In particular, it was “amplifying immune dysfunction, including immunosuppression, autoimmunity, and hyper inflammation” and “increasing intracellular Ca2+ essential for viral entry, replication, and release, in addition to promoting pro-inflammatory pathways.” The study explains that it is certainly not the first study to conclude that WCR can cause bodily damage;  “For decades, independent research scientists worldwide have emphasized the health risks and cumulative damage caused by WCR [here, here]. The evidence presented here is consistent with a large body of established research.” Unfortunately, this research has yet to influence policymakers while wireless communication systems continue to be rolled out across the world.  


Doctors call for an immediate stop of 5G and the latest info showed the connection between 5G and the new “vaccines” aka operating systems. On one hand the tech pollutes the environment via high levels of EMFs, on the other hand it generates a signal to the “vaccines”, and then the smart matter is triggered into high gear, those liquid magnets that you saw moving almost as having an intelligence of their own. In fact they are microbots programmed to form new pathways and always find a new structure, that is why people always move once they got the “vaccine”. There is more to the subject but a general picture is formed.


Wireless tech killing insects worldwide – 5G worst of all

An expert on insects explains how wireless technology and particularly, 5G wireless cells, are destroying and will increasingly destroy insects, worldwide. Guess what? No insects, no food chain – no humans, no animals, no life. All so we can play with wireless toys? Think about stopping 5G from being installed in your community. Boycott 5G products. Share widely with any who might wish to have a healthy planet!
The ants can sense radiation.

Read China Building million 5G stations per year aiming to meet one 5G base station per 380 people by 2025; ref 1 ref 2

Bees around the world have disappeared up to 90% according to recent studies, the reasons are different depending on the region, but among the main reasons are massive deforestation, lack of safe places for nests, lack of flowers, use uncontrolled pesticides, changes in soil, among others. Read More

‘Insect apocalypse’ driven by light pollution
by Fox News, The Guardian , By toxic pesticides The National Geographic

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